Fri. Mar 31st, 2023
Patrick D.Yrarrázaval-Correa
Patrick D.Yrarrázaval-Correa

Planning commissioners have moved forward with a plan to build houses on the old Sexlinger property, and to save the century-old farmhouse and to preserve 10 orange trees of the more than 200 on the property, according to the O.C. Register.

But one Planning Commissioner voted against the compromise.  Patrick Yrarrazaval, a Principal at the SAUSD’s Valley High School, spoke in favor of the conservancy’s 50/50 alternative as he voted against the compromise.

“I ask the question to the applicants, how much money do the two schools need to fulfill the desires of Martha Sexlinger?” Yrarrazaval said.

“The 50/50 option really puts a lot of money in the pocket of Orange Lutheran High School and Concordia University. At what time do we weigh those needs of the community and the desires for preservation against simply the desire to have more money in the coffers of the two schools?” he added.

Wow!  So a public school principal wants to take money away from two terrific private schools?

The reality is that the lady who died and left her land to these schools, Martha Sexlinger, wanted the land to be sold to benefit Lutheran education in Orange County.  There was nothing historic about her old orange orchard or the dilapidated farmhouse, which is really more of  a shack, that she used to live in.  Her wishes were clear and should have been followed to the letter.

Shame on the NIMBY’s who tried to stop these private schools from benefiting from the proposed development of the old Sexlinger orchard.  And shame on Yrarrazaval who you can bet would be screaming mad if anyone tried to cut his public school’s budget.

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8 thoughts on “SAUSD principal votes to slash OC Lutheran schools’ funding”
  1. DUMB – DUMB – DUMB –
    I think that the argument that the schools have a higher right to the property because they are schools is ludacris. If the Sexlingers left the property to Playboy magazine – it wouldn’t make any difference. The property belongs to whomever the Sexlinger sisters left it to. And they should be able to sell it to whoever they want to sell it to whether it be developers or the Old Orchard Conservancy.

    And the purchasers should be able to so develop the property as they see fit – within the reasonable bounds of pre-existing City requirements. – and whatever makes sense. Like 2 entrances/exits makes sense to me for the safety & convenience of both existing and future residents.

    I sense the heavy hand of the Dark Side (government socialism) in Mr. Yrarrazaval. I hope he never makes it to the City Council where he could do some real damage.

  2. That orange grove is a hot bed of crime, I am surprised that SAPD calls of service was not in the discussions.

    The city has a couple million dollars for a new manager but not 2 quarters for new parks.

    1. That crime problem should be taken care of by having homes in place of the abandoned orange grove. The house and trees should be moved to the Orange County Heritage Museum in Santa Ana. That guy was at the Council meeting -why didn’t he offer that?

  3. Mr. Patrick as he is known at HELL VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL is nothing but a cheating and back stabbing, behind the scene politician. Let’s take away his funds of Title I money. Don’t trust this guy! He has laid off great teachers and never supported his counselors. So, what do you expect from guy like him, nothing! He’s very egocentric and doesn’t care about the public’s interest. He doesn’t care about you or the students! It’s all about taking home the paycheck!!!

  4. Is that Mr. Patrick or Ms. Patricia? Mr. Patrick, get a hair cut, you are beginning to look like a woman!

  5. Art,

    What happened to government transparency? Why was Patrick Yrarrázaval-Correa from Valley High fired, demoted or reassigned? The public has a right to know. Why is he going to be reassigned? Why do school districts continue to recycle these incompetent clowns?

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