Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Jason Erling Hallstrom

SAPD Advisory: Santa Ana Police Department OIS Update

At 1455 hours, two Santa Ana Police Officers were involved in an OIS after a short freeway pursuit. Two suspects were struck by gunfire, and the injuries do not appear to be life threatening.

Suspects remain at the hospital in serious but stable conditions. Both suspects have been booked for grand theft auto, pending additional charges to follow.


1. Jason Erling Hallstrom 41
2. Travis Stuart Mock 29

Travis Stuart Mock

Santa Ana Police Department
60 Civic Center Plaza
Santa Ana, CA 92701

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5 thoughts on “SAPD officers shoot two suspects after a freeway chase”
  1. Well that story was misleading with the statement,”injuries do not appear to be life threatning”. Why don’t you check again on their conditions?

  2. Jason Hallstrom died 3/22/13. Why do you think SAPD hasn’t updated the case??? Unarmed man shot in the back?? Does that tell you anything about the ineptness of the PD?

  3. special weapons and tactics?shooting unarmed men in the back does not sound like special tactics to me unless unjustified murder is one of thier tactics

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