Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

A married San Fernando councilman who publicly revealed that he was having an affair with a colleague last year has resigned, according to he L.A. Times, which also stated that “Councilman Mario Hernandez’s resignation came just days after the City Council unexpectedly fired the city’s police chief.”

Hernandez had an affair with a fellow Council Member, and he did the right thing and resigned.  What about Santa Ana Council Member Carlos Bustamante?  He has been charged with a plethora of felony sex crimes and public theft, and Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas basically called him a predator.  Why hasn’t Bustamante done the right thing and resign from the Santa Ana City Council?

Check out what Hernandez had to say on the way out: 

“I wish to apologize to the community for the inconveniences caused by my personal life,” he went on to say. “It was never my intent to damage or inconvenience our City. Although I did not let these issues affect the execution of my duties as an elected representative, I feel submitting my resignation will help continue to heal the city.” (Source: ABC News)

Will Bustamante ever apologize for his alleged actions?  Don’t hold your breath.  Bustamante is up for reelection this November.  Already two candidates have declared for his seat – Tea Party Republican Charles Hart, who like Bustamante is an Orange County manager, and attorney Eric Alderete, a member of the Santa Ana Planning Commission.

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3 thoughts on “San Fernando councilman who had an affair resigns – what about Bustamante?”
  1. The Council’s desire for Bustamante to resign is purely political.
    Maybe the current council should not have rushed to judgement regarding Carlos. He just needs one juror to believe what he, his wife and family believe are trumpt up charges. He may end up serving another 4 years and they just may need his vote a some point during that last term. His wife Adriana does not believe the charges so why would the Council want him to leave? Now that they have done a political 180 on supporting him and are trying to score political points in the news, why should he quit and allow them to appoint a political crony who can then use the “Appointed Incumbant” for his ballot designation?

    Sorry folks, Carlos will file for re-election and win!

  2. When the Bustamante situation goes to court, it will be interesting to learn more about the “ladies” involved and their past encounters apart from what is alledged against Carlos. I’d guess they may have some texts, emails, sites visited etc, that will prove to be very interesting. I find it curious that this whole case is based on un-named sources and letters written anonymously. Where are the husbands and boyfriends of these women who are quietly standing by while their novias/esposas await thier payday from the County? Reminds me of the people who stage slip and falls in the local fast food joints hoping for a lottery law suit win. Let’s hope these senoritas can prove any and everything they did was against thier will. Sounds like a great big spicy Telenovela to me!

  3. Bustamante won’t quit because he’s too much like a coward. However, he’s innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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