Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Paul Walters at Com Link

Former Santa Ana City Manager and Police Chief/Commissioner Paul Walters picked up two more awards last week.  He was honored at the Com Link meeting, where he spoke to a packed house to the folks he worked so hard to keep safe, for so many years.

They awarded him with a nice plaque and a certificate.  Best of all though was the opportunity for Santa Ana’s residents to say goodbye to Walters – who was tossed by a City Council that has proven this year to be petty and ridiculous.  

Paul Walters Plaque

Walters was also honored, on Feb. 24, by the California Police Chiefs association, who also honored him with a nice plaque in recognition of his longtime service on their Board of Directors.

Com Link Plaque for Paul Walters.jpeg

We lost so much when our City Council went after Walters.  Perhaps they did him a favor.  Crime is sure to go up now that he is gone.  And the City Council may yet end up having to file for a municipal bankruptcy.  Walters won’t be tainted by this City Council’s mess.

Com Link with Paul Walters

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