Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Councilwoman Angelica Amezcua

I am hearing that accident Santa Ana Council Member Angelica “Angie” Amezcua is regretting running for Ward 3.  She clearly was a stunt candidate who got lucky and won, despite not running a campaign.

Amezcua’s husband Rob commented here on this blog when we revealed that Amezcua had been going by her married name, Angie Oliver, before she ran for office.

It is already obvious that Rob speaks for Angie and that she should consider vacating her office and letting someone do a better job of serving the residents of Ward 3.

Robert Oliver

In fact I am sure her Council colleagues would be happy to appoint Rob to Ward 3, in Angie’s stead, allowing her to return to being a mom and a public school teacher.  That would also show our community that the Council majority supports diversity.

So how about it Angie?  Are you ready to quit yet?  You have already missed several Council meetings.  There is no shame in admitting that you never intended to win and you don’t much like serving.  Walk away now and get back to doing what you like to do.  Why not?

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22 thoughts on “Did we elect Angie Amezcua or Rob Oliver to represent Ward 3?”
  1. I’m not a psychologist, but it seems that, just like School board member John Palacio, Rob suffered from severe adolescent acne and the physical scaring is outward evidence of inward pain . This “chip on the shoulder” is often expressed by frustration and a desire to payback those around them who remind them of their childhood bullies.

  2. Why is a mom and a school teacher a bad deal to represent a significant part of Santa Ana’s population?

    She was elected to represent all of Santa Ana residents while be required to live in Ward #3.

  3. It’s even worse: Rob aparently uses a phony handle:

    El Merro Merro to chop at Angies detractors.

    At the Voice Of OC he belittles this guy and threatens to punch him out, when he outs him. Here is one of the many heated exchanges:

    Why this is isn’t an issue to the other blogs and media is beyond me……Oh because she’s a democrat!

    What does El Merro Merro mean?

  4. “I’m not a psychologist, but it seems that, just like School board member John Palacio, Rob suffered from severe adolescent acne and the physical scaring is outward evidence of inward pain”

    You need look no further than Manuel Noriega to see how this problem can impact a persons life.

  5. Here is an anecdotal story.

    There was once a King and his kingdom, and they all got their water from a single well in the middle of town.

    One day a witch/warlock came by the kingdom and got mad for some reason and poisoned the well so all the people drinking from it would go mad.

    The king had plenty of water in his castle so he did not fetch any water from the well that day.

    The next day all the people were crazy and screaming “kill the king”. Remember the king did not drink the water and therefor was not crazy.

    So the king did the only thing he could do to save his life. He when to the well and drank the water.
    The king went crazy and they all lived happily ever after.

    So have a glass of kool-aid and enjoy the show

  6. If he is Manuel Noriega.
    You are Joseph Goebbels.
    Oh wait, you are Joseph Goebbels.
    All Hail New Santa Ana.
    Democracy is a sham anyway.

  7. Art, just read the above posts refered to above and this Oliver fellow seems to be so angry but his wife seems to be so nice. What do you make of all this anger?
    From what does it come?

  8. It sounds to me after reading all of the material availible here and at the VOC and in online legal journals that this guy has a real little mans complex.

    It never ceases to amaze me how other wise sucessful, intelligent people can be so stupid. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THIS GUY POST THIS STUFF.

    He’s like a magnet for controversy! Pretty soon he’ll get linked to Lomeli’s horse trainer or Lawn guy and it will really get sticky (Eeewww. Sorry).

    The point is: WHAT A MORON.

  9. why is anyone surprised that claudia alvarez’ stalking horse is controlled by someone else? She didn’t bother to inform voters about her positions, she didn’t walk precincts and she won’t serve you on the council. Her husband and claudia are the shot-callers

  10. We refer to Angie
    as “Innocente”.
    Leave her alone or Say hello to the NSA Propaganda Reaper.
    Live by the Propaganda
    Die by the Propaganda!

  11. Hey Art,
    How about a post on the Register ariticle yesterday on the new S.A. City Manager. What a suck up. He claims to have been Cesar Chavez’s body guard/driver and goes on and on about how smart our city council is. The really rich quotes are that he doesn’t need the money (that part I believe since he’s been sucking on the Public teet for some time) but is doint this out of the goodness of his heart. (then why not donate the money you make to a non profit or better yet, work for a dollar a year (like the ex mayor of L.A. did) to help our city budget. Major kiss ass.

    1. Don’t forget those “travel” expenses are tax free! This guy O’Rourke is no dummy . He’s gonna walk away with close to a $350K per year package all for the sake of “change”

  12. Our new councilwoman gots real talent.
    I wonder if Angie will sing the national anthem at the next Century High Soccer game? Nice voice.

  13. Funny, Robert “El Merro Merro” Oliver was ready to defend himself and his wife behind a fake name, but now he’s silent?

    What does the councilwoman have to say about hubby’s act?

  14. Good point Carpetbagger! Why won’t he turn is esposita loose to speak her own mind? I thought the whole Macho Man stereotype was false but this guy won’t let Angie do her own thing.

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