Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

“The Orange County Board of Supervisors will meet Monday in an emergency closed session to discuss whether they should refer allegations of sexual misconduct against Santa Ana City Councilman Carlos Bustamante to District Attorney Tony Rackauckas for a criminal investigation,” according to the Voice of OC.

My sources report that Orange County CEO Tom Mauk may be hung out to dry as a result of this scandal.  A report by Peter Hughes, director of internal audit, made its way to the supervisors, according to the Voice of OC – and his allegations were stunning.

Apparently, “top officials at OC Public Works, such as Director Jess Carbajal, did nothing about allegations against Bustamante when they were first received from female workers.”

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8 thoughts on “Bustamante sex scandal could cost O.C. CEO Tom Mauk his job”
  1. I’ve heard told that Bustamante “knew”, in a biblical sense, during work time, several women who were O.C. sheriffs. I can’t believe that if it’s true, Sheriff-Coroner Sandra Hutchens will not also ask some of her people to investigate. I’ve met Ms. Hutchens and she is not a person to allow such activities. This story is far, far, from being over.

  2. “The sex gets old. The political Bullsh*t always remains. Thus the reason we are still friendly.”……. Hmmmmmmm

    Who are we?……. and why the sex got old with him/her?

  3. Admin, there is a typo in your headline:

    It should read:

    “Bustamonte sex scandal SHOULD cost O.C. CEO Tom Mauk his job”.

  4. Busty is laughing all the way to the bank! He has a full 6 Fig O.C. retirement, full medical benefits AND he is making huge coin now flipping real estate! (He also has a very full Little Black book with muchas nombres de Senoritas lista para un Good Time!

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