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The United States Forest Service & Back to Natives Restoration Present a…Restoration Training Program

13 Days in 2012

Back to Natives Restoration, in a cooperative agreement with the Cleveland National Forest, is providing hands on habitat restoration training over the course of 6 weeks beginning on February 16. Each training session will focus on specific aspects of the restoration process. Learn native and non native plant identification, proper site entry/exit protocol as well as mechanical/physical abatement techniques to reduce soil disturbance and possible weed seed germination.

  • Feb. 16 Orientation / Dead Heading \ Site Assessment @ Tustin REI
  • Feb. 18 Site Assessment Field Lab
  • Feb. 23 Sub-Shrubs Eradication Methods @ Tustin REI
  • Feb. 25 Field Lab Sub-Shrubs
  • Mar. 1 Shrubs and Small Trees Eradication Methods @ Tustin REI
  • Mar. 3 Field Lab Shrubs and Small Trees
  • Mar. 8 Mustards, Chemical Controls and Biological Controls @ Tustin REI
  • Mar. 10 Field Lab Mustards
  • Mar. 15 Herbaceous Perennials, Eradication Methods @ Tustin REI
  • Mar. 17 Herbaceous Perennials, Field Lab
  • Mar. 22 Review @ Tustin REI
  • Mar. 24 Final Exam @ the Back to Natives Nursery at Santiago Park

Where: Classes will be held at the Tustin REI. Field labs will be held at the Santiago Park Nature Reserve in Santa Ana and the Cleveland National Forest.

Who’s invited: Anyone interested in hiking Orange County trails to identify invasive plants, remove them when possible, and report them when assistance is needed. Staff and Volunteers from all wildland agencies, organizations and non-profits are also welcome to participate, and then share the knowledge and skills gained to restore their own lands. Age requirement: 16 years and older. Individuals younger than 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Tuition: $60.00 for volunteer and $300.00 for agency/organization staff, plus material fee of $25.00. Your promise to volunteer at least once a month at the venue of your choice!

What to Bring: Note taking materials, Gloves, sunscreen, water, snacks, hat, wear layers and closed toe shoes. Bring a snack.

Why: Ecological restoration is a means of sustaining the diversity of life on Earth and reestablishing healthy ecosystems. This program is for those interested in the restoration and conservation of Orange County wildlands. Successful habitat restoration ensures that native species are protected while non-native species are removed efficiently, and with minimal human impact to the site. This program will acquaint participants with non-chemical, low impact weed removal methods.

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3 thoughts on “Back to Natives teams with the U.S. Forest Service to teach restoration”
  1. “Why: Ecological restoration is a means of sustaining the diversity of life on Earth and reestablishing healthy ecosystems”……. Hmmmmm

    The progressives are going back to the future.

    Excellent idea!

    Now we can also eradicate homelessness by erecting teepees in the parks.

    Smoking peyote would eliminate alcoholism.

    We can also adopt the smoke signals instead of cellphones.

    Lets progress with progressives and do not forget to bring $60.00 tuition.

  2. I volunteered two times for this organization because the winter shelter closed up and i needed more volunteer hours.Big mistake!All they want is money from their volunteers.The guy running it kept acting like he was doing us a favor,because they let the volunteers on site to do manual labor because the insurance costs are so high and then they constantly go on about how their funding is so low to get you to donate money to them.

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