Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

A Santa Ana mother of three children has been missing since Nov. 3, according to her brother, Omar Sanchez.

Her name is Denise Sanchez. Her youngest child is only 4 months old. She is about 36 years old and weighs between 180 to 190 lbs.

She was wearing a green sweater and black leggings when she disappeared.

Sanchez was last seen by her mother’s house at S. Lyon and E. First St.

If you have any information about Sanchez’ whereabouts please let Omar Sanchez know or call the SAPD at (714) 245-8665 as a missing persons report has been filed with the police.

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4 thoughts on “A Santa Ana mother of three has been missing since Nov. 3”
  1. Do you have an ordinary photo of her without so much makeup? If she was under duress, she may not look anything like this…

  2. This area is full of transients and prostitues. Prostitutes are seldom not being watched. You got to be careful in the streets. Prostitutes and now ordinary people go missing from this area a lot. I can count 4 this year alone. Cops patrol but stop no one. There’s literally rv parked on palm st and sidewalk with tents down all alleys on standard st. Mayor Pulido do something besides fixing those pretty teeth of yours.

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