Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

Career politician Tom Daly insulted women voters in the 69th Assembly District today with a sexist oven pad that he mailed in his wife Debbie’s name. 

Daly is obviously trying to pander to women voters but what a stupid way to do it.  Is he saying that women belong in the kitchen? A lot of women don’t cook anymore.  In my house I am the cook – and I do the grocery shopping too.  

Does this oven pad incident hint at how Daly really views women?  Daly’s recent campaign postcard states, “Tom shares our family Values….”  Does he?  Here is a comment from someone called “I smell a double standard,” submitted to the Orange Juice Blog, back when I was editing it:
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6 thoughts on “69th A.D. candidate Tom Daly denigrates women voters with sexist oven pad”
  1. I’m voting for Michele but I didn’t have a problem with the pad. It came from his wife Debbie, not Daly, and it works great. I wish Michele would do a pad too.

  2. We got one too, reminds me of the ones Umbreg campaing sent out years ago.

    My wife doesn’t like them cause they are too thin and offer no protection from hot pots and pans.

  3. Im telling you man this guy is still living in the 50’s. He thinks women are to be seen not heard. This guy is one sex scandal waiting to happen. About a month ago he was introducing this young Latina around. This is a guy who can’t be bothered to come to work but this day he personally escorted this 20 something Latina bimbo with her skin tight leather pants around the office. He looked like he was in heaven. It was like the wolf escorting little red riding hood around. This chick, we will call her Etlinn, must be some piece or she is a favor that Tom owes but I’m sure if Debbie saw how happy Tom was that day she would have been in divorce court ASAP! Of course he brought her in as extra help or temporary help so she didn’t have to compete or qualify for her job. And yes Tommy’s angels always get promotions after oral interviews in his office. Some one needs to do a public records request and you will see how many of his angels get nice positions without any fair competition. But with this new arrival it appears that his other Latina angels have lost their shine. Poor Debbie.

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