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Fountain Valley Police Department & Orange County District Attorney Press Release


*Law enforcement is seeking the public’s help identifying potential additional victims

WESTMINSTER – A 43-year-old woman has been charged with having sex with a 12-year-old boy who was friends with her son. Patricia Ann Serrano, 43, Fountain Valley, is charged with three felony counts of lewd acts on a child under 14 with the sentencing enhancement for substantial sexual conduct with a child. If convicted, she faces a maximum sentence of 12 years in state prison. The court set bail in the amount of $100,000 today after denying the People’s request that Serrano be held on $250,000 bail. Serrano is currently in custody and is scheduled for a continued arraignment tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 4, 2011, at 9:00 a.m. in Department W-15, West Justice Center, Westminster.

Serrano is accused of knowing 12-year-old John Doe through his friendship with her son. On two occasions in October
2011, the defendant is accused of having unlawful sex with the 12-year-old boy in her home and in a car.

On one occasion, the defendant is accused of kissing John Doe in a locked room. The victim’s mother discovered the defendant in the room with the victim. She did not observe any sexual contact but became suspicious of Serrano’s relationship with her son and reported it to the police.

The Fountain Valley Police Department (FVPD), who is investigating this case, arrested Serrano Nov. 1, 2011. The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with additional information or who thinks they have been a victim is encouraged to contact Supervising District Attorney Investigator Lou Gutierrez at (714) 347-8794 or FVPD Detective Jesse Hughes at (714) 593-4480.

Deputy District Attorney Eric Scarbrough of the Sexual Assault Unit is prosecuting this case.


Contact: Lt. Michael Simko, Public Information Officer, Fountain Valley Police Department, 714-593-4528
Susan Kang Schroeder, Chief of Staff, Orange County District Attorney, 714-347-8408, 714-292-2718
Farrah Emami, Spokesperson, Orange County District Attorney, 714-347-8405, 714-323-4486

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One thought on “43-year-old woman charged with unlawful sex with friend’s 12-year-old son”
  1. For centuries mature women were making men out of the boys.

    However, our “sex” obsessed OC District Attorney believes that it a crime.

    Folks, this is why we have young boys turning into homosexuals because there are no mature women to show them what to do with their penis and reinforce their manhood.

    It would be good idea if the OC District Attorney would prosecute COPs who murder these boys by bullet in the back instead.

    Another reason to OCCUPY the Orange County.


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