Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

SAPD talk to protesters at the Fiestas Patrias

There has been a real push in Santa Ana for transparency over the past two years, led by community groups such as SaCRED and Occupy.  But one item that has been largely overlooked is the fact that the Santa Ana Police Department does not post their crime reports, or arrest logs, online, for public review.

Other police departments in Orange County are a lot more forthcoming about the crimes committed in their jurisdictions;

  • The Irvine Police Department posts their logs.  Here is an example.
  • The Orange County Sheriff’s Department will be happy to email a log to you, when you click here.
  • The Anaheim Police Department posts their logs.  Click here for an example.

The odd thing is that the SAPD does give you the ability to look up accident reports, here. So they know how to make reports available online. They just choose not to do so.

We surely have tried to fill the void by posting our Daily Santa Ana Crime Reports.  But is that information, courtesy of CrimeMapping, complete?  We hope so but that information is dependent on the SAPD releasing all of their info to CrimeMapping and you have to wonder about that.

Why isn’t the Santa Ana City Council doing anything about this?

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3 thoughts on “Why doesn’t the Santa Ana Police Department post their arrest log online?”
  1. From the looks of your crime mapping feature, there may not be enough bandwith

    Seriously though. We hear people talk about “Sunshine” and “Transparency” but as we have seen recently with the removal of the City Manager, the hiring of an interm city manager, The permanent city manager and the salary debate (or lack thereof), the council operates as business as usual.

    When David Benavides refuses to comment: “Councilman David Benavides, the only member of City Council who could be reached, declined comment on the matter.” VOC 8-5-13 ( SEE: ).

    And then you have the ever wishy-washy Vince Sariemento at a Council meeting ” We are committed to transparency, then he plans a meeting for two days after Christmas!

    This is all petty politics. It is not sunshine.

    PS- less than two hours after I posted the comment about Julio Perez running for office, I received an email froma union member and supporter saying Julio “Could Be Mayor”… Yeah right. He should pay his Visa Bill First!

  2. Can we just send fiestas patrias over to irvine? They send all of their wasteoid lemming youth to downtown s.a.

  3. McFadden’s Ghost does not care what happen’s in Santa Ana.
    He is still pissed off that Santa Ana chased away all of his cheap Chinese labor and burned down S.A. Chinatown.

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