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A drive-by shooting was reported in Santa Ana’s Park Santiago Neighborhood yesterday, at the 2500 block of Larchmont, at the corner of Joana, in broad daylight at 3:22 p.m.

Four SAPD vehicles responded to the scene as well as a department helicopter.

Two victims, allegedly age 18-25, were injured in the shooting and apparently made their way to a local hospital after getting shot.

The shooters were reportedly two Hispanic males. One of them was sitting on the corner with an “OC” tattoo on his lower right leg and the other was standing on the south side of Joana. The tattooed suspect shot once at two Hispanic males in a black Nissan 4-door coupe, apparently aiming at the driver. The passenger in the black Nissan leaned out and and apparently was able to fire one shot back.

The driver of the Nissan then drove his car from Joana, turned right, heading north, into Larchmont, where the passenger shot at the first shooter.

A neighbor said she heard a total of three shots. She saw two men hop into a gold-colored car that came into the area through Grovemont, from Lincoln.

Neighbors were shocked by the shooting as this type of crime is rare in the Park Santiago area. There are questions now as to whether or not any of the victims or suspects actually live in the area or were just passing through.

The SAPD did not issue a press release about the incident.

Many of the residents of the Park Santiago neighborhood opposed a proposed luxury apartment development at 2525 N. Main last year. The City Council flipped on that project and it was derailed. The dilapidated office building at that site is now a focal point of nefarious activities by drug users and transients who hang out at Santiago Park.

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4 thoughts on “There was a drive-by shooting in Santa Ana’s Park Santiago neighborhood”
  1. Will you ever get off your only personal axe to grind about that development. Aren’t all the signatures that were gathered enough evidence that you are on the wrong side of this issue? The owner of the property should be cited for letting the property sit abandoned.

    Why don’t you call your pal and ask him?

    1. So you are OK with the mess at 2525? We could have had a nice luxury apartment development there that would have helped to free the park of the transient and druggie mess…

  2. Art,
    You just quoted me. word-for-word from my post on Nextdoor. Instead of plagiarism, give me me credit for my post.
    Robert Hammond

    1. I would love to Robert. But the last time I did that someone complained to Nextdoor and I got banned for a year. So now I no longer note the names of the neighbors in my posts. But thanks for noticing and for commenting. And thanks for your vigilance in our neighborhood!

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