Sun. May 19th, 2024

Police officers recently responded to a theft and detained three male suspects nearby, according to the Fountain Valley Police Department.

During a search, the police officers located the stolen property, drug paraphernalia, dozens of unused plastic baggies, and several plastic baggies containing approximately 200 round blue pills.

Officers immediately recognized the pills as counterfeit Oxycodone, commonly referred to as “M30s.”

What makes these pills so dangerous? M30s often contain lethal amounts of illicit drugs, such as fentanyl. Per the DEA, even the smallest amount of fentanyl (two milligrams, equivalent to a few grains of salt) can be deadly.

It’s imperative that drug distributors be held accountable for their role in bringing these dangerous drugs into our community!

Ultimately, the suspects were arrested for narcotics possession for sales and conspiracy for sales and distribution.

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One thought on “The Fountain Valley Police Dept. arrested three suspects for selling fake Oxycodone pills”
  1. They should be charged with attempted murder, for selling anything with fentanyal in it.

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