Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

I am hearing that a group of residents in Santa Ana’s Ward 3 are planning to launch a recall against their City Councilman, Jose Solorio.

The recall effort appears to be based on Solorio’s support for the luxury apartment development at 2525 N. Main St., which abuts the Park Santiago Neighborhood Association. The upset residets also are saying that Solorio does not live in Ward 3.

It is true that Solorio previously lived in Ward 1 and his wife and kids still do. But Solorio rented an apartment in Ward 3 so he could run there a couple years ago. Folks doubt he spends much time in the Ward.

Parties based outside of Santa Ana have been trying for several months to launch a recall against Santa Ana City Council Members Ceci Iglesias and Juan Villegas, but so far they have kept screwing up their campaign paperwork.

The only successful recall in Santa Ana’s history also got its start in north Santa Ana. That was the recall of former SAUSD Trustee Nativo Lopez, who passed away a few weeks ago. The recall backers lived in the Floral Park Neighborhood Association. Some of the same players are now plotting to recall Solorio.

I personally oppose all of these recall campaigns. These Council Members were elected by the voters and should be able to finish their terms. Folks will also have a chance to voice their displeasure with these politicians in the upcoming Mayoral election as has already announced that he is running in that race.

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7 thoughts on “The folks who recalled Nativo Lopez are now plotting to recall Jose Solorio”
  1. i am more upset with him for attempting to give the Santa Ana PD more raises with tax payer money while we ( not me myself, i voted against raising taxes in santa ana) just voted to increase taxes for our neighborhoods and parks. The money ends in the police officers bank accounts. Keep the money in the city!! The police union clearly have too much influence in the city council and we need a candidate who can be unbiased towards local policy. where can i get in touch with these residents as i am resident of ward 3.

  2. Art, I agree that we shouldn’t engage in recall campaigns. November 3rd 2020 is not far away.

    1. Right. I have full faith in the voters of santa ana will do the right thing and choose wisely -_-. Sad to say but they will vote for anyone with a hispanic last name.

      1. Remember that we now have District Specific City Council Elections. So the voters in Ward 3 will pick their next representative from their own Ward. That is huge. It means the incumbents can be defeated. And it means that Ward 3 can elect someone who represents that ward even if they are not Hispanic as there are many non Latinos in Ward 3.

  3. He should have been recalled since the start. Everyone was aware of his deceit. The DA should have surveilled his house too.

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