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UPDATE: The mother and sister of 5 year old hit and run victim Osmara Meza remain hospitalized, in critical condition, according to KTLA News.

UPDATE: The Santa Ana Police Foundation has set up a page on our website so that donations can be taken for the family. We are a 501(c)3 so your donations are likely tax deductible.

Police have identified a child killed in a hit-and-run collision in Santa Ana this weekend as five-year-old Osmara Meza, according to NBC News.

Meza and her mother, Eloisa Madrigal, and sister, Grecia Meza, were hit by driver Jessicah Louise Cowan of Frazier Park, who allegedly ran a red light at Spurgeon and 17th St. just as the Meza family was crossing south on 17th to go eat at Norm’s, at about 11 am yesterday.

Jessica Louise Cowan, Booking Photo

I spoke to members of the Meza family today – they are running a charity car wash at the same intersection, on Spurgeon and 17th.  They said that Cowan was drunk and that she was trying to get away from another fender-bender she was allegedly involved in, when she hit the Meza family.  The SAPD found medical marijuana in her car – the family members said it was on her dash when she was arrested.

The family had no insurance and both the mother and Mesa’s sister remain in the hospital.  The mother is in a coma.  The family is hoping they can raise money at today’s car wash, which runs through 4 pm today, to help pay for Mesa’s funeral.

The police hailed the lady who stopped Cowan from fleeing, by blocking her path with her own car, as a hero.  Cowan surely would have gotten away were it not for the brave Good Samaritan who took it upon herself to chase down Cowan and prevent her from leaving.

What we still don’t know is why Cowan was driving through our city, allegedly drunk, at 11 am.  When she hit the Meza family their bodies were flung about 75 feet away, killing little Osmara.  Their family will never be whole again.

If you want to find out how you can help the Mesa family call Gladys Pizania at 714-878-9308.  And go get your car washed today!

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10 thoughts on “Mother and sister of 5 yr. old hit and run victim remain critical”
  1. Drove by today, and gave a donation. So awesome to see the community pull together. It was extremely touuching. A man yelling out..Gracias, Gracias, while people worked so hard washing cars in the hot weather.. Hope the mother pulls through to care for her surving daughter. My prayers are with you all.

  2. Just dropped some money for the family and I hope this driver spends many years in jail for the saddness she has created. Art, I also wonder if the schools are doing enough to teach about safe walking in Santa Ana. Every day I see famlies cross VERY busy streets and never look up to see if traffic has really stopped or if drivers are looking at them. I never assume a car will stop for me unless I look the driver in the eyes and know he/she sees me. Too often in Santa Ana I see parents with children crossing mid-block or when in crosswalks feeling they don’t need to look up at the cars. Maybe your blog can put pressure on the SAUSD to do more? May God be with the family of this tiny child and give them peace.

  3. me and my family went out to volunteer for the carwash it felt super nice and pround doing something very good. I have a 5yr old sister and i cant imagine how i would feel if something like this happened to her. i hope cowan gets life in jail.. that way her life would be lost just like the little angel osmara 🙁
    R.I.P OSMARA MEZA 5yr.

  4. I don’t really think that SAUSD is going to spend any time on how to walk in the city. Granted, it is a good idea but schools have been relegated to teaching to a test. There is no time for anything else. You have a good idea but it will never happen. I also agree that pedestrians in SA really don’t pay attention, they are far too trusting and many times don’t even bother to look up when they enter the intersections. This is actually not very relevant to this story though since the family was in a crosswalk and a red light was run at over 60 mph. There isn’t much anyone can do about someone who is that drunk and oblivious. It is just so sad.

    1. Correct. This poor family was following the law. I think what the previous commenter was referring to was the need to be vigilant even when you are staying between the lines, so to speak.

      The rest of this story is that our state refuses to grant drivers’ licenses to the undocumented. Which is why we have so many pedestrians in Santa Ana. I always look out for them, but I teach defensive driving, so of course I am more aware of such matters when I am behind the wheel.

      Hopefully the District Attorney will prevail in court and the alleged DUI driver will end up in jail for a very long time.

  5. This was a tradgedy of imense proportions.

    I know Gustavo Arrellano hates Floral park and its denizens, but I know about $3,500 was collected for the families by sunday AM.

    This is why I railed on about Perez not being part of the community. Anglo’s, Asians, Latino’s stood around Fr. Moneypenny Sunday and prayed.

    I didn’t hear the vitrol from Junior/Mike/Skalleywag about social Justice, nor the other bullshit artists who try and make this cause thiers, just apartment dwellers, imigrants and even a few working folks, completely speechless.

    This is why we warn against DRUNK DRIVING!

  6. “This poor family was following the law”……… Hmmmmmm

    Obviously that is not good enough.

    You do not walk on green until all cars stop. Many cars stopping in the last moment and I am never sure if they will stop, until they stop.

    In addition I hate to drive in Santa Ana in residential area because kids are unsupervised there and play on side walks and among densely parked cars so you do not see them.

    Just take Flower St. and observe all these crosses next to the curb indicating run over children.

    I would never put my life in the hand of a driver, relying on the law.

  7. Thats why in residential areas you drive 20 to 25 an hour it’s not freeway we live in city full of youngsters …..bottom line speed kills…..condolences to the family …we pray for you…

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