Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Sprinkler fiasco at the Lawn Bowling Center

Sprinklers have been running for over 48 hours at the Santa Ana Lawn Bowling Center, which is located at Santiago Park, off of Memory Lane, despite the rainy weather. Members of the Park Santiago Neighborhood Association have tried calling any number that made sense, to no avail. They also called the Lawn Bowlers – who mostly don’t live in Santa Ana.

The entire Lawn Bowling Center was also left unlocked on Friday night as well.

The City of Santa Ana has been demanding of late that residents reduce their water usage and – our water and sewage rates are going up again – but the City leaves sprinklers on for 48 hours?

There are a total of five sprinkler heads running. That is over 21,600 gallons and they are still running.  Most likely they will be running throughout the night as well.

The sprinkler water has flooded the lower level of the Lawn Bowling Center and there is a good chance it could damage its foundation.

Ironically the head of the Santa Ana Parks and Recreation Agency, Gerardo Mouet, lives in the Park Santiago neighborhood.  He did not respond to a Facebook message we sent this evening.

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