Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Michele Martinez and her pals

I keep receiving DUI checkpoint notices from the SAPD and I have to wonder why our Santa Ana City Council won’t move to cancel theses useless exercises.

Simply put, DUI checkpoints don’t work.  They rarely catch any actual drunk drivers.  Instead they become a hassle for our residents who are undocumented immigrants.  The State of California won’t let them drive legally, so if they get caught driving during a DUI checkpoint they could end up losing their cars, which they depend on to get to and from work.

Our City Council is supposed to be progressive and “vibrant” so why don’t they stop these useless charades?

What it comes down to is that the cops who work the DUI checkpoints end up getting paid a small fortune in overtime.  That is what the checkpoints are really all about.

If the SAPD really want to stop the checkpoints, then they should engage in more saturation patrols.  Or just set up permanently around the bars and restaurants in our Downtown.

Our Council majority likes to call themselves the “Santa Ana Spring,” so why haven’t they sprung on this issue?  Why are they allowing immigrants in our city to continue to be harassed at these checkpoints?  Could it be that failed Mayoral candidate David Benavides cut a deal with the Santa Ana Police Officers Association?  They supported his failed campaign.  So now he has to clam up about the DUI checkpoints?

What about Michele Martinez?  Did she get a “Get out of jail free” card in return for her acquiescence?   What gives?

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12 thoughts on “So why doesn’t our City Council stop the useless DUI checkpoints?”
  1. You should get yourself a portrait photo like that Admin.
    Have two Broads put their big breasts right above your hips to make you look like you have more of an hourglass figure than you really have! Do you want me to sketch out a prototype for you?

  2. Now that you have signed up for that fitness class at 5:45 in the morning you will be closer to that in no time.

  3. Funny, I never see these checkpoints in North Santa Ana or in the South Coast Metro area of Santa Ana? I guess they only get drunk in Central Santa Ana. Is that right?

  4. “Mayoral candidate David Benavides cut a deal with the Santa Ana Police Officers Association? What about Michele Martinez?”…….. Hmmmmmmm

    What about Pulido cutting a deal with the SAPOA for 20 years?

    What about your favorite councilman Tinajero?… is he in the packets of the SAPOA?

    Did it ever occurred to you Admin that any reasonable person does not take your bashing of Benavides and Martinez seriously?….. probably not.

      1. “They were both soundly thrashed. But Pulido won handily”…….. Hmmmmmmm


        Neither Benavides nor Martinez were challenged because their constituency is in the harmony with their performance.

        In contrast, Pulido was challenged by about 6 candidates for his nonperformance and won only due to his corrupted campaign ran by the Unions and the special interest.

  5. Don’t think it’s my glasses Cookster.
    Let’s see them put one at 17th and Bristol and another at Sunflower and Bristol.

  6. It’s all good. Just don’t accidentally arrest a certain council members relative, you might get fired………..

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