Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Sebastian Alexander-Bly Swisher and his ferret
From Sebastian Alexander-Bly Swisher’s Instagram account

Santa Ana Police Department police officers arrested Santa Ana resident Sebastian Alexander Swisher (23) today and charged him with CCR 671K (Importation and transportation of live restricted animals).  He was reportedly buying the Ferrets in the State of Nevada and transporting them to California where it is illegal, according to an SAPD press release.

Swisher was raising the ferrets and then selling them for up to $400 on Craigslist, according to Santa Ana Animal Services supervisor Sondra Berg, as reported by the O.C. Register.  If he didn’t report that income then Swisher might be guilty of tax evasion too.

Santa Ana Police Department Animal Control Officers received information that the suspect was in possession of illegal Ferrets.

He really did not hide his hobby as there are many pictures of Swisher on his Instagram page.

Sebastian Alexander-Bly Swisher and his ferrets
From Sebastian Alexander-Bly Swisher’s Instagram account

The SAPD contacted Swisher (DOB 11/12/1991), who also goes by the name Sebastian Alexander-Bly Swisher on his Facebook page, at his residence, at the 3200 block of S. Center, in Santa Ana, and he was arrested & cited/released at his residence.  Sixteen ferrets were also seized from Swisher’s home and taken to OC Animal Care in Orange.

Illegal ferrets in Santa Ana
Picture courtesy of the SAPD

Swisher’s online resume states that he works in sales for Ebay/Amazon and that he previously worked at a Chipotle in Tustin, at Hot Topic locations in Orange and in Santa Ana and he was involved in youth ministry at the Crystal Cathedral from  2006-2009.

Swisher is working on a Public Relations degree at CSUF and he has an AA degree in Communications from Santiago Canyon College in Orange.  He is also an avid blogger.

Sebastian Alexander-Bly Swisher and his ferret in the shower
From Sebastian Alexander-Bly Swisher’s Instagram account

Swisher’s resume states that while he was working at the Crystal Cathedral he took care of children including some with special needs, maintained classrooms, acted as a teacher and dealt with families. He also set up youth groups.

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13 thoughts on “Santa Ana resident charged with importing and transporting illegal ferrets”
  1. Well maybe Jeff Dickman and his wife Ann will make a HUGE fuss. these two Moron’s go on and on about DOG WEEK in China while eating Veal at Mario’s and Roma Di Italia. What a bunch of hypocrites!

    Of Course Jeff is one of the usual suspects who can be counted on to speak liberally but, would prefer Mexicans get “RUN OVER” because they aren’t real recreational bikers.

    1. Why would you assume Dickman’s Dad is GAY? I don’t think Jeff even knows who he is (or his Mom). I believe Jeff is married. Although I agree the guy is a MAJOR bozo!

    1. The ferrets were turned over to the only legal ferret rescue in Cali. They will be properly checked out, & when deemed healthy they will be rehomed outside the state.
      Let me add, I hope they nail this guy to the wall. He was only using these poor fuzzbutts to make money. He obviously wasn’t concerned about what would happen to them when he got caught.

      1. I know it sounds pricey but $400 isn’t actually much of a profit, if it was one at all. He’s kinda dumb for posting (wrongfully) banned animals on Instagram but if this was a money grab it was a high risk low reward one.

    1. ” “We’re trying to make the move happen as soon as possible,” said Jennifer Hawkins, director of the animal care agency. Hawkins would not elaborate about the group’s name or location but did say they likely would be moved out of state.

      She did, however, confirm that the animals would not be euthanized.”

    2. They have already been moved to a shelter and another article did specifically state that they would NOT be euthanized.

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