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Santa Ana Police & Fire present a BERT (Business Emergency Response Training) Survival and Training class on Tuesday March 12, 2013 from 9:30 am to 10:45 am.

Contact: Team Leader, Orange County Chapter of BERT International, Inc., info@bertinc.org, 714-972-0200

Where: Centennial Park Joint Police Training Facility, at 3000 W. Edinger, in Santa Ana.

Driving Directions: Enter Centennial Park; turn Right around lake; turn Right at parking structure; go to Flagpole, in Santa Ana.

Informational Meeting

What if First Responders are delayed?

Survival and Recovery Preparation


Active Shooter * Earthquake * Power Outage * Windstorms * Urban Fires * Flood/Tsunami * Nuclear Leak * Terrorist Act * Civil Unrest

Does your personal and professional emergency plan truly care for all? With the proper tools and approach, you can virtually eliminate fear in yourself and those around you during and after any Emergency.

Includes key elements necessary for FEMA reimbursement.


  • Abatix provides emergency equipment/supplies
  • ehsInternational provides on-site OSHA Training
  • Syechelle provides emergency water resources

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