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Mayor Pulido’s cowardly opponents have targeted his children

By now you have probably seen the horrible anonymous mailers that have been attacking Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido – accusing him and his family of hosting a party where a teen was reportedly raped.

The story was reported by the Voice of OC, an online news website that I have at this point lost all respect for.  Their seed funding came largely from the Orange County Employees Association, a government workers union headed up by Nick Berardino, who has had some unknown beef with Pulido for some time.  And the Voice of OC’s board members include lobbyist Joe Dunn, who tried to move the O.C. Federal Court of Appeals to Irvine but was famously blocked by Pulido.

The article in question was written by Adam Elmahrek.  He stalked Pulido’s kids on Facebook while writing his story.  That was disgusting enough but even worse, he pursued this story even though the Santa Ana Police Department looked into the matter and they cleared everyone of any wrongdoing.  The girl who made the rape accusation recanted.  Nothing happened and neither Mayor Pulido nor his kids had anything to do with this.

The matter was ignored by the real reporters in town, at the O.C. Register and the L.A. Times.  The OC Weekly picked it up because their editor, Gustavo Arellano, has had it in for Pulido for years.  Arellano doesn’t live here in Santa Ana but he hates Pulido so much that he will blindly back anyone that runs against him, no matter their record or how bad they might be.

So who is funding these scandalous anonymous attacks on Mayor Pulido?  It turns out that the attacks are the work of a Political Action Committee that calls itself the Stand Up Santa Ana Coalition.  I am sure they wanted to remain in the shadows until after the election but I got a hold of their campaign finance reports.  Click here to see their summary report.

Party at Ryan’s house!

You will see that these cowards include downtown Santa Ana landlord Irv Chase and his son Ryan.  These are the guys who have been busy ripping off Downtown Santa Ana’s business and property owners with the unethical PBID tax.  And they are the guys who have been trying to gentrify Downtown Santa Ana.  They listed their address as being in Costa Mesa.  The irony is that Ryan’s Facebook page is replete with pictures of him drinking with his pals.

It turns out that no one on the summary report is based in Santa Ana.  The other donors include businessmen in Los Angeles and Woodland Hills.

These folks are also funding mailers in support of Ward 3 candidate Eric Alderete – further reason to vote for his opponents.  I have endorsed both Brett Franklin and Shane Ramon Barrows.  Either one would be preferable to Alderete, who is supported in the mail by complete scumbags.

There is also a second report that includes the Santa Ana Police Management Association and the Lyon Apartment Companies.  Remember when mayoral candidate David Benavides said, at the recent mayoral candidates forum held at Latino Health Access, that he blamed Pulido for high density apartments?  Well Pulido debunked that lie, but the irony is that an apartment company is now funding attacks against Mayor Pulido and his family.  Surely they must have cut a deal with Benavides to bring more high density apartments to our city!  Don’t forget that Benavides is a realtor.  Is he going to make money on these transactions?

As for the Santa Ana Police Management Association, shame on them.  The police contract is coming up.  Clearly they have cut a deal with Team Benavides for big raises all around.  There has been talk for several years now of the City Council forcing a public assessment – a tax – on us to pay for police services.  This thuggery by the SAPMA tells me that you better hide your wallet. The deals have already been cut.

By the way, this PAC is using the same Treasurer that Council Member Michele Martinez uses, a guy in Los Angeles named David Gould.

Martinez blames Pulido because her brother was arrested when she was running for Mayor, against Pulido.  Well, the truth is that the cops had no idea who the guy was.  He told them she was his sister after they cuffed him.  Now she is pals with the cops but she still has it in for Pulido.

How ironic is it that the cops are working with Martinez, whose brother ran with gangs and so did she – by her own admission she was once a drug dealer. And I am told that Ward 5 candidate Roman Reyna’s brother ended up in jail too.  These are the people our cops are now in bed with!

By Editor

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30 thoughts on “Outside interests launch cowardly attack on Mayor Pulido’s family”
  1. Stop It. You are making our heads spin! White is Black? Black is white? Grey is not Grey? Pigs control Mayors? Or Mayors control Pigs? Jesus Christo! Save us?

    Mayor Pulido and his family are still welcome in the Santora this weekend for our “Mexican Mitt Romney Show”
    Last Art walk before the election Homie!
    I put the word out already. You make fun of our local politicians, and I put dead fish on your windshields!
    “Mexican Mitt” = Fair Game
    Pulido and Benavides, no mas.
    Franklin, still needs to go to DMV and get his print out of his real “Birth Certificate”. AHH Hemm, Cough Cough, That is, the Real Birth Certificate!!!! Fool us twice?

  2. Shout out To Jalisco!!! y Jerez!, y Ciudad “Orange” y “Salt Lake” Stanton,Pico Rivera, Playa Huntington! and Coto de Coza y Floral Park, Great Park Del Irvine!

    Its Mitt Romney!

  3. Santa Ana really is turning into East L.A. South following the South Gate and Bell models for political corruption. The Sarmeinto/Benavides gang is showing us that O.C. political crooks can be just as dirty and ghetto as their L.A counterparts.

    Martinez’s background in drugs and gangs and her extended familys criminal background is well known.

    I’m also told that some dude named Bisno wants to also build HIGH density apartments across from Main Place. Towers of poverty like they build in…what do you know…just like East L.A. Have you seen that high density project they are building on Washington st in the French Court barrio?

    And the Police managers don’t think they get paid enough or retire young enough now? I guess they want that $200,000 retirement at age 40 instead of 50 when they get to retire now. I say Tax This police managers!

    Get ready for ghetto politics if these pajasos have control for a few more years.

    And I’d like to dedicate these videos to mi hermano Mateo.

  4. It turns out that one of the Chapter 1 owners is backing Benavides. He opened an empty storefront on the Empire Building, which is owned by Bob Stewart, in order to cover the windows with election signs. So there’s the patter: Chapter 1, Bob Stewart, Downtown Inc. Connect the dots.

    So yes, “downtown inc” has turned on Pulido, that is a fact. I read an email where Vicky Baxter went on record to distance herself from Pulido over the Chivas issue, that was over a year ago. Well it goes beyond that. So yes, DTI has turned on Pulido, the person who made it possible for them to setup shop in the downtown with a project like the Artists Village.

    Those in the DTI bunch are helping each other to open up shop in the downtown, and to influence matters at city hall so that the city will extend the amount of full liquor licenses in the downtown. That is what the copper door wants in addition to the sparrow. And sycophant phil bacerra is their go to guy.

    It is extremely slimy.

  5. You know this mailer could backfire.

    The youth vote likes to party. And the mail side of the mailer with its “party at Palido’s House” just may get the 18 to 21 year olds to the polls this year.

    Those youngsters voting in mass for Mayor Party made give Pulido the cushion he need to sail to victory again.

  6. Why in the world does Downtown Security need to be lumped in with the same funding as Downtown Marketing? Isn’t that a form of extortion?
    If you don’t support the marketing agenda of Downtown Property Owner Cabal and the police dept. and Downtown Inc. Then they are not going to be providing the needed security to keep Downtown Safe???

  7. Can either of these two guy’s Benavides or ROman take of thier shirts without exposing Gang tattoo’s

    Benavide’s in particular, has tried to make in roads with members of the MS13 gang that had a branch in his neighborhood. Roman, as described above has a Brother who was killed in Prison, Michelle’s troubles are well documented.

    I noticed David has SEVERAL people supporting him who are fresh out of PRISON. One guy is particularly scary.

    This is who We want representing us.

    This looks like an episode of the Shield.

  8. “Outside interests launch cowardly attack on Mayor Pulido’s family”……. Hmmmmm

    Do you recall in 2004 attacking Villasenor, running for the ward 6, by publishing that her brother is in jail for rape?

    I have learned that Pulido and Walters were allegedly instrumental in my arrest in 2004 when I ran against Pulido.

    Now is his term to pay for his dirty politics….. the stars show that more is cumming.

    1. You know it is one thing Stanley to attack Pulido’s children. But pointing out that Villasenor’s brother raped a little girl was fair game. He did and we supplied a link to the Register article about that awful crime.

      You on the other hand got arrested for allegedly beating up your wife and daughter. Are you now saying that this never happened? If you don’t want to get arrested then don’t beat up your family!

  9. I wonder if Villasenor’s brother is out on Parole, he’d be the typical Benavide’s supporter: Reformed Jesus Freak felon.

    1. “Sometimes in life you gotta kiss ass……

      But, you NEVER have to suck d*ck”

      -Grandpa Carpetbagger

  10. Oh Editor,

    It’s funny how unfair this type of drivel is when it attacks your candidate. You have no issue with anything that unfairly attacks Benavides or others you don’t like.

    Let’s chalk this one up to “what goes around comes around”.

    Oh…and by the way, I just got another one of these (new one that I hadn’t received before) in the mail today. Not good for Pulido at all!!

    It sounds like we can all agree that the Pulidos had a crazy party with kids puking and pooping on their property. Whether or not that reporter should have stalked his kids on Facebook or not, he got some pretty juicy comments.

    Again Editor, consider the field day you would have if this had been about Benavides. If you are honest with yourself and all of us, you know this would have made you so happy and you would have already have had a slew of posts about it.

    Have a great day,

    1. In truth I have been very cautious as to what I have written about David. There are a lot of rumors out there but I have chosen to stick to the facts.

      I believe these noxious attacks on Pulido’s family are backfiring. I can’t imagine that the voters are pleased to see Team Benavides resorting to malicious fraudulent attacks that we have exposed as being funded by outside special interests.

  11. It has been a few hours since I attempted to post this (in response to Gavin Newsomes endorsement of Benavide’s) at the LOC. Clearly Dan, Chris and Joe are sensoring any anti union comments. Way to go LOC.

    “Dan,Chris (AKA Joe hill),

    This is an interesting endorsement for sure, newsome, like Benavides was caught up in a sex scandal and lying tohis wife” So they are certainly two pea’s of a pod. ‘Hey Gav, let’s hit that Sh%t, bro’….Couple of pigs.

    But, to keep it political, did you know Gavin called Governor Brown a LIAR? He said that there will absolutely be tuition increases, ESPECIALLY if prop 30 passes. Now, Gavin is a CSU trustee, he knows. He basically said, the union is pushing this through and the people have no say……

    So is Gavin good for supporting David or bad for calling Chis’s union liars and thieves.

    Can’t have it both ways.

    Now of course that post will never see the light of day, just like Joe Hill’s interview with Benavide’s”.

  12. So any bets on how long after Benavides loses he goes back to P. David Benavides.

    The guy can’t even keep his name straight! the Lopers must be advising him!

  13. Gavin Newsom is like the lazy firstborn of a rich couple who didn’t teach their child any values except materialism and the expectation of always getting what he wants.

    He is a venal Lothario that sleeps with his best friend’s wife, reneges on every promise and he has a drinking problem. Other than that, he’s a fine replacement for Jerry Brown, a job that he is obviously fishing for.

    He left San Francisco a fiscal, administrative and political mess. The Democrats are committing suicide by backing this guy for anything other than dog catcher.

    And this is who David is bragging about?????

  14. I gotta feeling that next week at this time the only party at Pulidos that anyone will be talking about will be the landslide victory party at his house on election night.

  15. God that Fergie get’s me hot.

    I wonder if she worked for me, I could ask her to come in my cubicle and…….HHmmmmm. Gotta go Emily’s coming. We went to Church and Jesus told her I am reformed!

    PPssst. Carlos, Call me how can I hit this Sh%t, Fergie? Come on wingman.

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