Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

After hearing SAUSD Board of Education candidate Ceci Iglesias affirm her support for the Dream Act at last night’s Santa Ana School Board forum, I have decided to endorse her after all.  I am also endorsing Myriam Tinajero and  Jose Alfredo Hernandez.

Iglesias is a single mom and a social worker.  She ran for Congress as an independent a few years ago.  She is against tax increases and a firm believer in our kids.  Tinajero is also a social worker and she is the sister of former SAUSD Trustee Sal Tinajero.  Sal is also currently a Council Member here in Santa Ana.  Lastly, I am backing Hernandez, who is an immigration lawyer, because of his support for our current SAUSD Superintendent, Thelma Melendez de Santa Ana.

Here are my endorsements for the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Board of Education:  In Area 1 I am supporting Jose Solorio, who is unchallenged.  In Area 3 I am supporting Tony Tapia, and in Area 5 I am supporting both Claudia Alvarez and Dave Chapel.

Tapia is one of three candidates running for Area 3.  He is opposed by Nelida Yanez, who lost badly the last time she ran for office, six years ago when she ran for the Santa Ana City Council against David Benavides; and Thomas Gordon, a member of the Republican Party of Orange County’s Central Committee.  Tapia is a journeyman at the local labor hall, in construction.  He also helps to run a family business. 

Alvarez is the current Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem.  She is a Prosecutor at the Orange County District Attorney’s office.  Chapel is a college professor and former high school principal.  They are running against a businessman, Mark McLoughlin, who is opposed to finishing the Santiago Creek bike trail and who falsely called himself an educator in a mailer sent out in Spanish last week to Latino voters in Area 5.

I am also voting No on Measure Q, the bond measure for Santa Ana College.  The Rancho Santiago Community College District previously raised our property taxes with Measure E, but missspent the money at their Santiago Canyon College campus.  They should refund the money they wasted on that campus and send it to Santa Ana College, rather than resort to raising our taxes again!

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6 thoughts on “Our SAUSD School Board and RSCCD Board endorsements”
  1. Great information Art. I plan on making a copy of your endorsements and taking them to the polls to vote.

    1. The bond money for Santiago Canyon College was not wasted. It provided buildings to increase student capacity in the district and reduce potential overcrowding at Santa Ana College. The Board did the responsible thing by establishing a bond just for Santa Ana and to upgrade and replace old buildings on the campus. Measure thing is a good thing for Santa Ana College and our community.

      1. The Measure E campaign lied to us that the money would be spent equally. It wasn’t. Most of it went to Santiago. And to the Mike Carona Deputy Sheriff Training Center. I suppose you think that money was well spent too?

  2. Art,

    Thank you for endorsing Cecilia “CECI” Iglesias for School Board. She will WIN on November 6. I know that she will work diligently and effectively to protect our children and ensure that our students succeed academically. She will always protect our tax payers dollar from beauracrats. She understands that we must invest our money into the STUDENTS not Adminstrators.

    By the Way, did you hear what Bob Richardson said ” 92% of the SAUSD budget is for Adminstration and Teachers salaries”? That is outrages!!!!!

    Ceci is a breath of Fresh Air to the City’s leadership. I know she will continue to Lead by Example and always “PUT STUDENTS FIRST”.

    VOTE CECILIA “CECI” IGLESIAS for Santa Ana School Board

  3. Art,

    Question for you.. Why is it that Tinajero is afraid of Ceci? It seems that everywhere Ceci’s sign are at, her people put Tinajero signs next to Ceci. In some houses, Tinajero has taken Ceci’s sign down and placed hers. Now that is plain wrong. How can we trust someone with our children that likes to play dirty politics.

    I don’t understand why you support her if all of Benavides clan is supporting her and are against Mayor Pulido. That makes no sense. Why do you support someone that wants to increase our taxes and has no experience in Education.

    I support Cecilia “CECI” Iglesias because she has the passion and experience in teaching students. Most importantly she is a Parent and that is what we need at the school board level. We need more parent representation and to PUT STUDENTS FIRST.

    If you have not voted yet, on November 6, I ask that you
    VOTE Cecilia “CECI” Iglesias for Santa Ana School Board

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