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The Orange County Equality Coalition (OCEC) is once again hosting the Orange County Pride Festival in Santa Ana, on August 10, 2013, from 12 noon to 10 pm, on Fourth Street, between Broadway and Ross in Santa Ana, CA.

The free festival will be a full day event from 12pm to  10pm in order to accommodate time for festival goers to enjoy all that the event has to offer. There will be hours of high energy performances on the main stage, over a dozen DJ’s playing various music selections in two dance areas, hundreds of exhibitor tents, a beer and wine garden, a family friendly Kids Club, interesting and educational workshops at our Rainbow Symposium and delicious food from local vendors.

The first Orange County Gay Pride Festival, held in Santa Ana in 1989, incited a clash between attendees and anti-LGBT forces. Police ordered organizers of the “Orange County Cultural Pride Festival” to lock the gate to the festival grounds for half an hour after the brawl and considered shutting the event down early, but decided to let it continue as scheduled for the rest of the day. As the event continued, so did the tension between the festival goers and the anti-LGBT crowd. In an effort to calm the crowd, Janet Avery, president of Orange County Cultural Pride took to the stage.

“We came here to celebrate,” Avery said, quieting the crowd. “If you have a friend who is not here to celebrate, please get them in the mood. This is our day in the sun.” ​

This year’s event is being presented for the second year in a row by Velvet Lounge (http://www.velvetoc.com). Other sponsors include Downtown, Inc., Gay Neighbors, Families and Friends of Santa Ana, and Morningside Recovery to name a few.

Updates for the event are being announced periodically online at http://www.prideoc.com. The event also has a Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/orangecountypride.

Get in touch:
Broadway & 4th Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Ph: (714) 794-LGBT (5428)

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8 thoughts on “OC Pride Festival set for August 10 in Downtown Santa Ana”
  1. This should be a great event. Julio Perez should be Grand Marshall. Oh wait…He’s in a closet with a tube of CREST with Drunk Andy,

    1. There are far riskier and expensive places to be than stuck in a closet with a tube of crest editor. You should know! You get in trouble all the time just for opening your mouth.

  2. It is one thing to be attracted to the same sex, it is quite another to have the entire notion of “pride” turned inside out by the brainwashing forces that be. I watched that video that you linked this article to, I have never witnessed such a lack of pride in my life!
    Benavides NewSong Church has a point! Where is the male affirmation? Where is the female affirmation? What in the hell is going on with these folks? Bring on the Freddy Mercury, bring on David Bowie, bring on ?… I can’t even think of any others right now. Because these folks showcased are so damn anti-heroic and so damn anti-Freddy. There is no pride in being just a big fing zero that thinks that they are a victim of some abstract discrimination for the sake of the divisive ruling political forces that be. There is no pride in being an fing tool that values nothing except one’s exaggerated alienation and victimization. Good night.

  3. And let me just add that this glorification of ant-pride is the ultimate example of high finance perververted neo liberalism constructed to eradicate all traditional values and sense of self, sense of place, sense of nation, sense of true community. They want youto live on the MTV and the VHI but not Main Street and your own street. Only their steet. Wall street. Wake up America.

    1. Let me tell you what else Editor. Did you know that the gay pride movement borrowed their rainbow flag from the “daughters of the rainbow” Masonic cult of the Eastern Star. Otherwise known as “o.e.s.” they have a lodge in the Orange Plaza. Any Santa Ana pride person can find it in 10 minutes. Go brainwashed Pride!

      1. And if you really want to know what the true use of the rainbow flag is, try researching masonic color coded mind control. “Split personalities”

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