Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

This past Saturday evening, Huntington Beach Police Officers were dispatched to the 6000 block of Larchwood Dr. because a resident had found several flyers containing what he described as white supremacy ideology.

These flyers were in small plastic bags along with small pebbles and were being thrown onto random driveways within the neighborhood.

As the police officers were investigating the incident, they located a gold colored pickup truck slowly driving around in the area. Officers stopped the pickup truck for a vehicle code violation and the driver, not from Huntington Beach, admitted to throwing the flyers from his truck onto driveways.

The driver, a resident from Norwalk was also in possession of over 500 additional flyers he intended to distribute. This pickup truck matches the pickup truck captured in video surveillance distributing similar flyers near Edison High School on Tuesday, June 13th.

The driver was issued a citation and his vehicle was impounded.

As upsetting and inappropriate as the flyer content is, the dissemination of these materials is protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution as freedom of speech.

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4 thoughts on “Norwalk man caught distributing white supremacy flyers in Huntington Beach”
  1. You fail to include or describe the information which only you have determined to be “white supremacist”. It is just as likely to fascist or BLM racist material. If you claim to be a news source, then print all of the facts and let the readers know exactly what the material was. It was after all, “protected speech” which you have no right to suppress it no mater how much you may not like it. That makes you an anti-white racist.

    1. We printed the info that the police supplied. It was indeed protected speech. The man was arrested for other reasons.

      To be clear we have no clue what was on the flyers. But we are happy that the man is paying the price for breaking the law.

  2. “ To be clear we have no clue what was on the flyers.” <—. There you go, so how can you say it was white supremacy stuff???

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