Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Wallet Hub City Rankings

Many of us already knew it but a new study by Wallet Hub has confirmed that Santa Ana is a terrible place to try to start a new business.

Santa Ana was ranked #143 on a list of the top 150 cities in which to start a new business.  Santa Ana was ranked just below Anaheim, at #141 and just above Oakland, at #143.

Santa Ana came in dead last in terms of having an educated workforce – at #150, which was one of the reasons the city scored so low overall in terms of being a city one should open a new business in.

Other factors that weighed into Santa Ana’s low overall rating included Small Businesses per Capita; Accessible Financing; Annual Household Income, Employee Availability and the cost of Office Space.

Other cities in California that ranked higher than Santa Ana included:

  • Stockton, at #37
  • Fresno, at #46
  • San Bernardino, at #73
  • Los Angeles, at #88
  • Riverside, at #118
  • San Diego, at #119
  • Long Beach, at #124
  • and Irvine at #127

Things are bound to get worse before they get better as Santa Ana City Manager David Cavazos has declared a parking war on Santa Ana residents and businesses.  Making parking more expensive for everyone will just make this city an even worse place to do business in!

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6 thoughts on “New study confirms that Santa Ana is a terrible place to open a new business in”
  1. You forgot to mention crime, transients loitering in front of businesses, and the shrinking police department once at 400 officers, now below 260….

  2. How about some positive news about Santa Ana instead all all this negativity. I did not expect this “New Santa Ana” Facebook site to be so focused on posting bad articles about Santa Ana. Smh

  3. Santa Ana is a great place to do business.

    I get all the money and the cute intern broads dig me.

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