Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

New Orange County Board of Supervisors Chairman John Moorlach has challenged “officials from the city of Santa Ana over his plans to use a defunct bus station in the midst of Santa Ana’s downtown to feed, and potentially house, homeless people,” according to the Voice of OC.

Our County government has done a poor job of serving the homeless.  They freeze at night for lack of beds and four of them were killed in recent weeks by a serial killer.  But hasn’t the City of Santa Ana been impacted enough by this?

Why not set up a permanent encampment for the homeless over at the Great Park in Irvine?  They have plenty of space.  I am sure the OCTA can set up a bus line to give them rides to their new home.

Barring that, how about the old YMCA building in downtown Santa Ana?  Let the County pay to abate all the asbestos and lead in there and we can house the homeless there!

I don’t think we ought to waste the old bus station in Downtown in this manner.  But we do have a shortage of beds.  Isn’t it time for Irvine to do more for the poor?

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8 thoughts on “Moorlach wants to house the homeless in the old Santa Ana bus station”
  1. The YMCA was built for just such a use. There are many bedrooms which with a little sprucing up would make fine housing. When will Santa Ana leaders step up and solve this problem by allowing the YMCA to be used?

  2. “When will Santa Ana leaders step up and solve this problem”

    This is a countywide problem and it will take leaders from all cities to step up, not just Santa Ana. When will Larry and Beth step up in Irvine?

  3. Fix up the Y.M.C.A. for whatever reason! Just do it. Don’t worry about being a Hitler! It is a Historical Landmark being neglected. (Shame) It is not one wooden victorian home. It is a huge building like Union Station,with much more stylish architecture than a penis tower.

  4. Sean,

    What are you talking about? Beth and Larry have done plenty for the homeless in thier town, including giving them bus fare to Santa Ana.If they are short, the cops drop them off at Barranca/RedHill.

    There was a great peice called “Where Barranca becomes Dire” that a kid at UCI wrote a few years ago alluding to the Irvine government dumping problems at the border.It was a great play on words.

    The shame is Santa Ana is left to protect the weakest among us, because the other cities refuse too.

  5. “How do you suggest we fund such an undertaking?”….. Hmmmm

    You just fund it like the Bohemians did the Hunger Wall:
    The Hunger Wall, or Hladova zed, is another feature of Petrin hill that should not be overlooked. The wall, commissioned by King Karel IV in 1361, was created to provide work for the poor and unemployed during the famine. Is several miles long.

  6. Why not allow the homeless to sleep in the Howe Waffle house? It’s fully furnished and quite cozy. Perhaps street people could be trained as docents. If they were sleeping there they could extend the hours and allow even more residents to see the timeless treasure.

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