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Santa Ana Park Ranger

Did you notice how out of control Santa Ana Council Woman Michele Martinez appeared at the last Council meeting?  I have been hearing for some time that she has become unhinged and has taken to making ridiculous demands at City Hall.  Diva?  You bet.

And now she has done it again.  According to my sources, she blew a gasket this week when her pals at the SEIU whined about the Santa Ana Park Rangers getting axed.

Of course Martinez blamed our City Manager, Paul Walters, but lo and hehold this had nothing to do with him.  Apparently  the “Chosen One,” Santa Ana Parks and Rec Agency Director Gerardo Mouet, was the hatchet man.  He allegedly decided to dump the Park Rangers.

But wait – it also turns out that this was reportedly negotiated with the local SEIU’s board!  They knew it was coming down and they bought off on that.  They had to – the Park Rangers were retired pensioners and a new state law forbade the city from employing them permanently.  They had to go.

Recall Michele Martinez

Ridiculous?  Yes.  But you can expect more of this behavior from Martinez now that the inmates are running the asylum at City Hall.

Is this how our elected officials should be behaving?  Undermining our city staff?  Having secret meetings with labor?  Making demands?  Oh yes, Martinez had a whole list of demands relative the rangers and our parks.

This is not governance.  This dear readers is heavy-handed East L.A. style thug politics and that is not going to fly for long in Santa Ana.

Recall Martinez

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The New Santa Ana blog has been covering news, events and politics in Santa Ana since 2009.

6 thoughts on “Martinez blows up as Mouet allegedly dumps the Park Rangers”
  1. So let’s get this straight:

    She starts by selling Crack

    She then sells her body

    Now she has sold her soul

    Yeah that sounds about right.


  2. Pulido has been funded by East LA types for years–Pla, TELACU, and so many more. As usual, Pedroza is full of it.

  3. Is Martinez doing drugs? Es posible. Or maybe she’s Bi-Polar. Either way, it’s no bueno.

    Maybe she’s in need of a new bucket for another cleansing.

  4. Art, What is going on with the City Manager situation? What’s the next step for the city? What are city employees telling you about all of this?

    1. The process has stalled but I believe we’ll see a negotiated settlement with Walters. An interim City Manager will be appointed and some consultant will be paid a mint to conduct a national search for a new City Manager. But who would want to work for this Council?

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