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Remember former SAUSD Trustee Nadia Maria Davis?  She is in hot water now, up north, in Alameda, where her husband, State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, is trying to get her elected to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

Nadia works in an office located at the district attorney’s office, but she is no prosecutor.
Lockyer, who is registered as an attorney with the state bar, is in fact the executive director of the Alameda County Family Justice Center, a nonprofit center for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse.
When I ran against her for the SAUSD School Board, back in 1998, I had to call her a liar at a candidate forum, when she unloaded a bunch of B.S. about me to the attendees.  She couldn’t speak Spanish to save her life, so I called her a “mentirosa,” which is Spanish for “liar.”
And here she is lying again in yet another campaign. 
I always cringe when I see photos of Nadia and Bill.  He looks old enough to be her daddy!  It is pretty gross.
Nadia appears to be the “Lorri Galloway” of Alameda.  Galloway also runs a non-profit, in Anaheim, and is running for the Fourth District on the O.C. Board of Supervisors.  Galloway is a carpetbagger and other bloggers have ripped into her murky past finances.
It would be great to see the Lockyers get punked in Alameda!  I have no idea who else is running, but they surely must be better qualified than Nadia.

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3 thoughts on “Former SAUSD Trustee Nadia Davis Lockyer busted as she runs for office in Alameda”
  1. You want to discuss liars, why don’t you start with our current Santa Ana unified school board members, for example and not calling names, two recent ones that have been added to this last term. We can’t sit here and discuss about the whole world, but we must not lose focus. Our Santa Ana Schools suck, the test scores are on the ground, our high schools such as Century, Santa Ana, Saddleback, Valley have less kids graduating. Not to mentioned the junior high schools that are many in trouble. Our School Board is now a joke, no one cares about our children anymore, every politician cares about their own personal agenda, and we are guilty too for believing their lies.

  2. actually, as her ‘sis, I can attest to the fact that is 39 years old, works really hard for her looks (body and soul), and has the deepest commitment to improving the lives of others that I’ve ever seen…equal to my father’s….whom I know was and still is her inspiration. And, most of all all, for those of you who like to criticize the kind hearted who happen to also be beautiful, in love with and married to a certain notable man – she is most proud of her work for the alameda county da’s office as executive director of the acfjc, an entire reinvention of service delivery improving systems response and efficiency for victims of violence, has NEVER claimed to be a “prosecutor,” as her losers somehow now claim, admitted that her consultants made a mistake when thinking that being a lawyer (which is she has been since 1997) who works for a DA meant she was a deputy DA and ordered ending all references to that early on in the campaign, and most importantly, has run and won on what is Nadia Davis-Lockyer = a new voice who is passionate about improving the lives of others and modeling what she has done at the ACFJC for all county departments and programs – THAT is what resonated with voters (who would rather NOT elect a prosecutor quite frankly, so thanks for pointing out that she is not one – I encourage you to spread the word more.) Thanks, A Member of the Wally Davis Family

  3. does not speak spanish…we are talking about the united states, right…who cares…

    if we were living in latin america or spain…then, yes, not speaking spanish is an issue.

    Time to focus on english, improving english learning programs, demanding english be spoken in all publicly funded programs.

    in the united states, we must demand english be pushed. do you think any latin american country demands menus, applications, tax info, school books, medical forms, etc be printed in english and spanish? Have you even been to Asia? how about there?

    We waste so much money putting bandaids on issues and not addressing the injury–teach english only, push for english only and help our english learners, improve our country.

    get real…she does not speak spanish…what a joker you are.

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