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We reported this weekend that the Minutemen took over the Independence Day event that was held at the Santa Ana Public Library.  Now comes word that Councilman David Benavides wants to honor these people at tonight’s City Council meeting!

Here is what the agenda item states:

CERTIFICATES OF RECOGNITION presented by COUNCIL MEMBER BENAVIDES to: The American Independence Day Planning Committee: Rosie Avila, Lupe Moreno, Anne Menaldo, Stand Zubas, Marva Zubas, Ann Coil, Thomas Gordon, Fred Bella, Pastor Doug McMains, Pastor Noe Granados, Frank Bostrom, Kathy Goddard, Melanie Cole- Gomez, Steve McGuigan, Kathy MacDonald, Anita Hynds and Milly Lugo and to TNT Fireworks representative, John Kelly for organizing and contributing to the American Independence Day Celebration at the Santa Ana Main Library held on July 3, 2010.

Not all of these people are Minutemen, but several are.  Some of them, usch as Thomas Gordon, Rosie Avila and Lupe Moreno, are also involved in the Republican Party of Orange County.

I think it is deplorable that these people used public property to promote their agenda.  The Minutemen are not welcome in our city!

Here is a letter that our blogger Sean Mill wrote to the Santa Ana City Council in reaction to this agenda item:

Mayor Pulido and City Council,

I am sorry that I am unable to attend this evenings meeting but I would like my comments made a matter of record.

I am contacting you in regards to the Certificate of Recognition being given by Councilmember Benevides to the American Independence Day Planning Committee. On the surface this looks like an innocent patriotic event being put on by good Americans. However when you look deeper the event was tantamount to a Klan rally in which Latino residents of our city were referred to as “wetbacks”. I have attached a link to the video from the event for you all to see for yourselves:

The event, which was promoted on the city website, was basicaly a rally for the Minutemen organization and it was promoted and organized by Lupe Moreno and others affiliated with that racist organization. One of the folks being honored by you tonight, Anita Hynds, ia a “birther” who has continually called for President Obama’s impeachment based on his “not being an American”. Also that is her husband Gary Hynds in the video referring to Latino’s as “wetbacks”.

Ms. Hynds has also been an active supporter of Arizona’s SB 1070. You can see a photo of her at the Yorba Linda City Council meeting at the following link:

Here is another link showing Ms. Hynds activities:

The fourth photo down is Ms. Hynds.

I cannot believe that this council would even think about honoring folks such as these for an event that clearly had racist elements to it. I also find it in bad form that Councilmember Benevides would honor one of his colleagues opponents in the upcoming election, Thomas Gordon. However I am quite please that thinks to Councilmember Benevides obvious misstep he has helped link Gordon to bigots and a racist organization, thank you for that early birthday present.

I would ask that the council reconsider giving these folks the Certificate of Recognition this evening. I doubt that any of you want to be associated with folks such as these.

Thank you,
Sean H. Mill

By Editor

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3 thoughts on “Councilman David Benavides to honor Minutemen who took over Santa Ana Independence Day event”
  1. This 4th of July celebration was a well-attended event that was mildly tarnished, but not tainted, by extremists on both sides. I can assure you that most folks had a wonderful time and were not even aware of the extremists attempting to push their separate agendas. Shame on those that brought their own prejudices to this event and those who couldn’t see past their own prejudices in experiencing this event. My hat’s off to those who coordinated the event; that was more than most people do. I look forward to an even bigger and better event next year.

    1. booper,

      The fact remains however that inviting Minutemen to be at this event was a HORRIBLE idea. The City Council isn’t pleased and neither are city staffers.

      This could be a career-breaker for Benavides…

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