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Councilman David Benavides

Santa Ana Councilman David Benavides has been named Executive Director of KidWorks, a Santa Ana-based nonprofit that now serves over 800 children, teens and parents through weekly programs and over 4,000 community members annually from three learning centers, according to OC Metro Magazine.

This is not Benavides’ first go-around at KidWorks.  According to his official bio, “During his college years, he was introduced to KidWorks, a Santa Ana based non-profit organization which focuses on mentoring and empowering at-risk youth and families in some of the most under-resourced neighborhoods of Orange County. Initially moving to Santa Ana for an 8-week internship with KidWorks, David later became the Director of the non-profit for over six years. During his tenure, David prepared the organization for growth and later continued providing leadership as Board Chairman for over five years.”

David Benavides and his friends

KidWorks “seeks to provide a “cradle-to-career” continuum of support for children in Santa Ana, as we recognize that at any time they are in danger of succumbing to the temptations and dangers of their neighborhood.”

Their programs include:

  • Preschool
  • Homework Club
  • Health & Fitness
  • Financial Literacy

Prior to being named Executive Director, Benavides has held positions as a non-profit director, church associate pastor, real estate asset manager for a major financial institution and a real estate broker,  according to OC Metro Magazine.

Creepy David Benavides

Now that Benavides is once again working with children – and doing so in a poor neighborhood, perhaps he will stop promoting keeping bars open until 4 am.  And I doubt he will continue to try to reappoint Phil Bacerra to the Santa Ana Planning Commission – in the wake of Bacerra’s shocking public comment about an affordable housing project.  And maybe Benavides will cut back on posting embarrassing and creepy pictures of his dalliances on social media?

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12 thoughts on “Councilman Benavides returns to KidWorks to serve as a Director”
  1. At least he scored a paying job. He struggled to male a living at Seven Gables and his partnership in the real estate brokerage collapsed in tremendous fashion.

    I do wonder with KW involved in more and more civic activities will PDB recuse himself or simply serve as a “poverty pimp” with taxpayer monies.

  2. This is further proof that KidsWorks is on a downward spiral. Why else would they hire a guy who had been unemployed for years to lead it?

  3. Do the Board of Directors support Benavides pro-gentrification agenda that has led to the removal of Latino owned businesses from DTSA? Do they support his quest to keep bars open til 4AM?

    These are just a few examples of his anti-family and thus anti “kids” agenda.

    1. Good grief, let it go. DTSA has plowed right over you. Give in or shut up. You ain’t stopping anything.

  4. The people on the board at KidsWorks sure have chose a great role model for the children of Santa Ana to lead their group. A skirt chasing carouser that wants to keep the bars open til 4AM.

    Are they even aware of his anti-family gentrification agenda?

    Maybe they figure he’ll help the kids get jobs sweeping up at the Fourth Street Market or bussing tables at The Playground.

  5. The board of directors are either naïve or just plain stupid to put this guy and his questionable morals in charge of an organization that focuses on children. The kids of Santa Ana deserve better than this.

    This guy and his anti-family/pro-gentrification agenda calling to keep bars open til 4AM is certainly not in the best interests of Santa Ana’s kids. The kids have it tough enough in our city and they deserve better.

    People need to let the KidsWorks board know they need to do better for the kids of our city.

  6. I learned today that P. David has been shopping “influence” for a few months now.
    His title of “Councilmember” alone carries weight. Regardless of his abilities.
    Hit has taught us that Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, etc…. will look beyond PDB’s abilities and ills if it means getting a tent at the “HEALTH and COMMUNITY” fair where they can recruit more $35.00 per month customers.

    Benavides is happy to whore himself out on this front, like so many before him.

    My bet is Pablo David Benavides has NEVER had $5,000. of his own money in a bank account EVER. It is shameful that he sell out his people to big banks and medicine.

    KIDWORKS is becoming a major money player. They kid’s don’t get smarter, the families healthier, the community better. SO WHERE DOES THIS MONEY GO?

  7. They have a program to teach kids about financial literacy? What does Benavides know about that? The guy hasn’t held a steady job in years, if ever.

    If it weren’t for Emily he’d never of had the house he lives in.

    The only thing worse would be if his pal Roman was in charge of the homework club.

  8. Hey, I am told David rents out a room in his wife’s old house to a tow truck driver and “repo” man. That also serves as his wing man.
    On the other hand, compared to bankrupt Julio Perez, Benavides looks like Rockefeller, and PDB doesn’t make nearly the six figures Juio does. It makes you ask what’s up with these guys.

  9. Why would the Board of Directors hire Benavidez the nitwit? It makes no sense to hire someone who cant hold a job.

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