Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

UPDATE:  District Attorney Tony Rackauckas Monday quashed the release of a politically explosive letter sent to the Orange County Board of Supervisors by an attorney representing Deputy CEO Alisa Drakodaidis, who abruptly went on a medical leave in the wake of sex crimes charges against former county Public Works executive Carlos Bustamante, according to the Voice of OC.

“Indications are that Orange County Deputy CEO Alisa Drakodaidis is the latest high-level official heading out the door in the wake of the Carlos Bustamante sex crimes scandal,” according to the Voice of OC.

The bad news for the County of Orange?  Drakadaidis is talking.  She left behind an allegedly blistering letter that fingers members of the Board of Supervisors “for interfering with hiring and contracts as well as conducting questionable campaign finance practices.”

The Voice of OC also reported that “Drakodaidis has been on the hot seat since supervisors reviewed a controversial audit of the Human Resources Department last year that found top executives were giving themselves questionable raises. Drakodaidis had her salary cut by 13 percent following the audit, and sources said supervisors had been questioning her performance ever since.”

Drakodaidis “joined the County in 2004 as the Chief Deputy Director of the Social Services Agency. She also held various positions with the County of Los Angeles for nearly fifteen years including serving as an Assistant Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Officer for the Probation Department responsible for Planning and Development and Administrative Services,” according to a County of Orange newsletter.

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One thought on “UPDATE: OCDA blocks release of Drakodaidis letter regarding county corruption”
  1. “District Attorney Tony Rackauckas Monday quashed the release of a politically explosive letter”…….. Hmmmmmm

    A commenter at Voice of OC stated: “This case is going to take down even our corrupt D.A. – good news for Spitzer!”

    I wonder, when this case is going to take down Santa Ana Police Chief/ City Manager Paul Walters and Mayor Miguel Pulido?

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