Fri. Mar 31st, 2023
Zeke Hernandez is pictured on the right

It looks like SAUSD Trustee Roman Reyna won’t be winning easily after all, in his campaign for the Santa Ana City Council’s Ward 5.  Zeke Hernandez has pulled papers to run against Reyna and the third candidate, Karina Onofre.

Hernandez has been involved in community affairs for many years, as a member of LULAC, the League of United Latin American Citizens, SACReD and Los Amigos.  He is well known in Santa Ana and has run for office before.

I am told that labor does not trust Reyna, because of his past affiliation with Republicans including disgraced Council Member Carlos Bustamante and infamous Minuteman Lupe Moreno.  If Hernandez can get labor on his side he just might make a race out of this.

I am personally concerned about what might happen if Reyna gets elected and he combines forces with his longtime ally, David Benavides.  With two more votes they would control the Council majority and would quickly return their Mexican-bashing Republican allies to our City Commissions.

Onofre is also a cause for concern as she recently became a Republican, after being advised to do so by Bustamante.

The incumbent in Ward 5, Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez, has termed out.  She will be running for the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Board of Education.

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4 thoughts on “Zeke Hernandez to run against Reyna and Onofre in Ward 5”
  1. 1) Zeke wants to be the “people’s Champion”. Let’s see if anybody gives a @#$%.
    2) Does anybody know what Reyna stands For?
    3) Onofre stands for looking pretty on pretty ambiguous street banners.

  2. Zeke is a good guy and is committed to our community.

    I would rather see him run against “Jose, is dead to me” Solorio, according to OC Labor Federation chief and many other labor folk.

    Jose S will be holding that seat till an opening somewhere higher opens up. How lame is that and some of his supporters considered hi to be committed.

    Why not be really committed and run for SA school board?

  3. Nice, Roman to loose again…. but I doubt Zeke will lead, they will split the vote and allow this new girl Karina to win easily.

  4. i received a call today on my cell asking for my vote for onofre. after obtaining an email address i sent the following message:

    “i’ve seen this city go from being a nice place to live to a horrible gang infested city. i want to see change and i would vote for carina onofre if i knew she cared about the citizens more than commerce. i see big high rises and big projects happening as well as fourth street getting a make over but the reality is that certain neighborhoods remain untouched by time over decades and generations.

    people would come out and vote for the right person when they see the right person coming out and getting involved in the things that matter the most to them. raising money to pay for a funeral for a loved one is not what parents living in santa ana should plan for. especially when these types of deaths could be avoided if the mayor [and city council] would take part in fixing the drug and gang problem that exists instead of ignoring it.

    i thank you for your time. good luck to you in getting the votes.”

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