Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

Estela and Angelica Amezcua pulled papers today to run for the Santa Ana City Council, in Wards 1 and 3.  It initially appeared that they were running for each other’s wards, based on addresses I found online, however the Santa Ana City Clerk emailed me today to advise that someone on her staff had inadvertently transposed their names on the candidate status report that was posted yesterday.  That report has since been corrected.

Angelica is running for the Ward 3 seat that is currently held by and Estela is running for Ward 1.   Angelica is challenging disgraced Council Member Carlos Bustamante, who is facing serious sex crime and public theft charges, and Estela is running for the ward represented by Council Member Vince Sarmiento.  

Estela and Angelica appear to be in their 40’s, according to their White Page online listings. I met them on Wednesday and that is about right.  Reportedly they are not related to Al Amezcua, the failed mayoral candidate, or his daughter, SAUSD Trustee candidate Valerie Amezcua (pictured above).

Neither of these ladies has much of a social networking footprint.  But they are both schoolteachers.

Click here to see who else is running for the City Council in Santa Ana.

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9 thoughts on “Updated: Estela and Angelica Amezcua to run for Wards 1 and 3”
  1. This just may be pure political genius. The familia Amezcua just may have tapped into the Olympic spirit with this bold political move. Imagine the money they will save on signs.
    I can see it now…“VOTE AMEZCUA” or “TEAM AMEZCUA” signs spread throughout the land. I want to learn more about what they stand for but I’m glad there are more ladies running for office in Santa Ana.

  2. Angelica and estela Amezcua are not related to Valeria and Alfredo Amezcua. Their candidacy is political strategy to take votes from Valerie, Vince Sarmiento and Eric Alderete.

    Estela and Angelica have absolutely no community involvement track record.

    The choice to use them is two fold use their last name to negatively impact Valerie Amezcua and use the Hispanic name to thin out the Hispanic vote for Vince Sarmiento and Eric Alderete.

    This political strategy can only come from team Pulido to keep council power and keep his political ally Rob Richardson on the SAUSD board.

  3. If this type of political trickery is really happening then perhaps that explains Sal Tinajero and Lupe Moreno in the Mayors race to thin out the Hispanic votes to make room for Republican George Collins to win the Mayors race?

  4. This political trickery is exactly the strategy. The challenge is to make the voter understand this political strategy that is used most effectively to thin out the Hispanic vote.

    The Hispanic community needs to be educated on this so that their vote is unified for a candidate and not spread around resulting in no representation..

  5. I agree with Mr. Lomeli. We must vote in a united way and make sure the Spanish press knows who to support and promote from our community. I also hope that as Past President of the La Raza lawyers Association, Mr. Alderete can call on the resources needed to win as well as help out Ms. Amezcua (Valerie). Maybe Zeke Hernandez and LULAC can be the ones to lead this slate for us.

  6. Zeke is a strong candidate with positive labor ties. Why can’t Zeke run against anti-labor candidate “jose is dead to me” Solorio for the RSCCD seat.

    Think about it. Jose is just another self serving politician, with the backing SOAR and Disney, who is lame enough to not not actively supporting redistricting efforts in Anaheim.

    Instead Jose wants to form a group that “fights Gangs” in Anaheim. He had 12 years to figure the root causes and wants to make it seem he is doing something: a study, form a group, and getting tough on Gangs. What a pendejo!

    He talks about the importance of k-12 education but would rather take a somewhat lateral position than really make change is Education and run for SA unified School district.

    Zeke is committed to our community and I’m sure will stay on the RSCCD board longer than Jose would , waiting for some political opportune seat to open up. How committed and lame is that?

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