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An anti-face mask rally in Costa Mesa on Saturday afternoon, August 15, resulted in the arrest of two women on suspicion of trespassing, according to the Costa Mesa Police Department’s Facebook page.

The trespassing occurred at the Mother’s Market located at 1890 Newport Blvd., before 2:15 p.m., which is when a store manager called the police.

The Costa Mesa Police Department did not clarify what the protesters did to get arrested. Their identities were also kept private.

Demonstrators have been protesting COVID-19 restrictions near Newport Boulevard and 19th Street regularly.

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13 thoughts on “Two anti-face mask demonstrators were arrested for trespassing in Costa Mesa”
    1. Yes good for the anti-face mask protesters! Costa Mesa needs to fine more people. That’s $200 for the city. Now let’s get the hundreds more to build up some funds! It can be donated to the hospitals caring for these imbeciles that are catching and passing on the virus with these moronic protests.


  2. If it was a black lives matter rally no one would be arrested. If you are black you do not have to wear a mask. If you are black you can loot and burn down your city and not be arrested. If you are black you can rape women and not be arrested.

    The virus is less deadly than the flu and the mask does nothing. Dr. Fauci admitted it on live TV.

    1. OMG this is the very definition of racist bias. Glad you outed yourself. Now post your picture so we can see who you are and stay out of a convo with you

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    1. Approximately 13% of the US population is black and 72% of the population is white….

      Yet that 13% of the population is committing 37% (from 2017 FBI statistics) of violent crimes. White people commited 58% of crimes. So blacks are committing violent crimes three times the amount of their population.

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      Blacks in Los Angeles make up 10% of the population but commit 42% of its robberies, 34% of the felonies. Whites makes up 29% of the the cities population but commit 5% of robberies and 13% of felonies.

      In 2015, almost 6,000 blacks were killed by other blacks compared to 258 blacks killed by police gunfire.

      You can go into high percentage of blacks being irresponsible having a very high single motherhood rate and the low percentage of blacks that graduate high school. The biggest problems blacks have is themselves.

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