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Many Santa Ana families took their kids out of the SAUSD during the pandemic when the district failed to reopen our schools in a timely fashion. Now a new district grading policy will likely result in another wave of students heading for the exit.

A local public school teacher had this to say about the district’s new grading policy:

I want to fill you in on Santa Ana’s superintendents new grading policy that he decided to implement in week 11

He has laid down martial law there are no zeros for kids who show up every day and do nothing. They will get a 55% and their homework cannot be counted as part of the grade. We must accept all late work no questions asked and students need to be allowed to retest as many times as possible

Mind you most teachers were already being “compassionate this year. We were allowing students to retest giving time in class to complete assignments and at the same time teaching our younger students what life is like in the 10th grade after they must’ve so many students have been socially promoted through the eighth grade and as freshman. Note that they also had a grade floor last year.

Now since the new grading policy has come out in week 11, it completely undermines all of our strategies that we’ve been implementing for the last 11 weeks! These students are going to expect a free ride forever! Can you imagine next year when they’re juniors why would they want to work hard?

Not to mention that the college board will get a hold of this information and colleges are going to look at our school as a joke. I mean we’re gonna become a joke in the whole state.

Our superintendent is clearly a racist as he believes our students don’t have the ability to work hard and succeed and he has no confidence in his teachers.

I’m really hoping the union goes and does a vote of no confidence against him and the school board.

Our school board members can come out and speak against it and they are not. I wouldn’t reelect any of them!

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One thought on “The SAUSD’s new grading policy is a complete disaster”
  1. And the next thing you know the only thing you’ll need to get into college is a F******g pencil.
    – George Carling.

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