Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
The saddest picture of the year – Godinez H.S. kids practicing water polo on their school lawn

At the last meeting, SAUSD Board President John Palacio publicly admitted that the SAUSD never built pools at Century High School and at Godinez High School, despite promises to do so. Unfortunately, the SAUSD is not good at properly managing Bond Measure money to build new facilities so some schools go without while other schools get new sports amenities. For example, Segerstrom High School is currently inexplicably replacing their existing score board in the gym with a brand new $70K video score board!

Century High School’s Swim and Water Polo Teams were traveling to Santa Ana High School to use their pool, but eventually both of these teams disbanded. The Coach and Athletes at Godinez High School have to use the pool at Valley High School but they do not have access to the pool until after 5 pm. The students sometimes do not get home from practice until after 9 pm which is not good for them!

The saddest thing you will ever see is the Godinez High School Water Polo team practicing on their school lawn, where there promised swimming pool was supposed to be built.

Click here to email Palacio and click here to email the V.P. of the SAUSD School Board, Valerie Amezcua. And be sure to ask them how they liked their free trip to visit the schools in Communist China:

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2 thoughts on “The SAUSD never built the pools they promised at Godinez and Century High Schools”
  1. I believe SAUSD is also still considering helping fund a 2,000 seat sports stadium at Saddleback High School. In addition to the nearby neighborhood not wanting this stadium (the homes are way too close), it appears that SAUSD still hasn’t even built the pools at nearby high schools that were promised awhile back. SAUSD, please get your priorities straight!!

  2. Really hurts to see the kids swimming on the grass, The city needs to respond to the citizens of Santa Ana why the committeemen has not been met and when will it be done.

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