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On the evening of December 27, two suspects used stolen state benefit account information to fraudulently purchase over $3,000 in baby formula from the Target store at the Spectrum in Irvine.

The pair programmed the victim’s information onto their cards. The police investigators believe that the couple used similar techniques to make purchases at other stores.

Christopher David Szabo, 52, and Cheryl Daveen Wipf, 57, of Huntington Beach, were arrested and booked at Orange County Jail on numerous charges, including burglary, forgery, organized retail theft, and narcotics charges.

The Irvine Police Department was also happy to help Szabo to handle his outstanding arrest warrants.

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3 thoughts on “The Irvine Police arrested two suspects for fraudulently buying over $3K worth of baby formula”
  1. You mean the FBI and Romanian law enforcement collaborated efforts to a joint task force that started 3 years ago? The alleged take down of stolen EBT card scam by Orange county DA and OC sherriff’s couldn’t be further from the truth. Wow cant believe the lengths Lying Todd Spitzer would go to make himself look good in the public eye… 48 arrested, alleged most wanted Romanian crime boss, and those sad pathetic photos of money and stolen cards are from months ago. Those 48 arrests were by Romanian authorities in Romania, and they came to the us with this credit card scam that they uncovered in romania. This is all the FBI and Romanian Law enforcement efforts that broke and cracked down these criminals. The OC DA and Irvine police took all the credit for several scattered wanted criminals warrants, search warrants conducted in their jurisdiction. Pathetic and shameless to claim credit for something you had association with. Maybe that’s why they Todd didn’t mention or picture any of the 48 arrested , nor did he know what the hell that device did he was holding up . Idiots like him need to go, and Irvine police were smart not to be seen on camera. At least they had some integrity.

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