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AOCDS 2014 General Election Voter Guide

The Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs PAC has rejected Santa Ana Council Members David Benavides and Michele Martinez as well as their colleague Roman Reyna, who is running an ill-advised campaign against Mayor Miguel Pulido.

All three of these candidates are thought to have connections to Santa Ana’s gangs.  They were all involved in firing our former Chief of Police, Paul Walters, and they voted to get rid of the SAPD’s Strike Force.  All three of them were also caught ignoring several SAPD officers who were being honored a few weeks ago at a Santa Ana City Council meeting.

Crime is perhaps the biggest issue in Santa Ana right now as gang violence has exploded over the past year.

The AOCDS endorsed Mayor Pulido as well as Ward 2 candidate Mirna Velasquez and Ward 6 incumbent Sal Tinajero.  Pulido, Velasquez and Tinajero were also endorsed by the Santa Ana Police Officers Association.

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9 thoughts on “The Association of OC Deputy Sheriffs rejects Benavides, Reyna and Martinez”
  1. Let us not forget P. David Benavides prominently featured a post on his Council Facebook page a F%CK THE POLICE message. Six others used equally offensive language with one saying F%CK THE SAPD. After being questioned about how the SAPOA would feel about that it was promptly removed.

    Also, this is the guy who called a spate of six murders in as many weeks an “Anomaly”.

  2. Michele has a connection to the gangs, but Benavides?
    You should explain that one a little better. If you can.

        1. Reyna has been seen in public with hard core members of the Mexican Mafia. Why do you think law enforcement wants nothing to do with him? And Benavides recruited him onto the Council.

  3. Come on now! Everyone knows that if you grew up in Santa Ana you know someone who is or was in a gang or has a family member who was or is in a gang.
    Your scare tactics don’t scare us.

    1. It is one thing to have FORMER connections. It is quite another to have CURRENT connections. Law enforcement knows Benavides, Reyna and Martinez are not to be trusted.

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