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Mexico beating the U.S. men’s soccer team was a really big deal for the people of Santa Ana, and of course a lot of our residents came out into the streets to celebrate.

The O.C. Register reported that “Nearly 50 police officers spent hours on Saturday night dispersing a massive crowd on one of the city’s busiest streets following Mexico’s come-from-behind 4-2 win over the United States in the final of the Concacaf Gold Cup in Pasadena.”

Apparently, “more than 4,000 people flooded Bristol Street between Edinger Avenue and McFadden Avenue, cheering and celebrating Mexico’s win and waving Mexican flags,” according to SAPD Cmdr. Steve Colon.

But you know what?  There were no reports of arrests or violence.

Contrast that with what happened when the San Francisco Giants won the World Series last year – the mayhem surrounding the San Francisco Giants’ World Series victory burned up on Twitter, Facebook, Twitpic and Flickr. It even had a mayor on Foursquare, and it had two Twitter hashtags. #SFRiots and #SFRiot, according to the Los Angeles Times.

And when the L.A. Lakers beat Boston last year, another riot erupted, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

Of course many of the Register’s readers erupted with racist comments.  And as one would expect, Thomas Gordon showed up to.  Who is Gordon?  He ran for Santa Ana Mayor a few years back, and failed to qualify for the ballot last year as a City Council candidate in Ward 6.  Now he is part of former Santa Ana Council Member Tom Lutz’ anti-soccer coalition of NIMBYs and Usual Suspects.

Here is what the O.C. Register reported with regard to Gordon: “Later, between 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., police wearing helmets and carrying batons used bullhorns to disperse the crowd at McFadden and Bristol, said Thomas Gordon, a Santa Ana resident who took the photo below. Some in the crowd were setting off fireworks, and more than two dozen patrol cars were at the scene, Gordon said.”

The best part of Gordon’s lame “reporting” was the on the scene picture he took, of two cops talking and NOTHING GOING ON.  Click here to see the Register’s article, Gordon’s picture and a slew of racist comments by the Register’s readers.

(Note to Gordon: I have the day off today so please don’t bother filing another complaint with my employer).

But they Register’s readers weren’t the only racists to attack Mexican soccer fans.  Dozens of white sports columnists ripped the fans who attended the match between the U.S. and Mexico, because the fans cheered for Mexico.

How crazy is that?  Of course the Mexican soccer fans cheered for their Motherland.  Yankees fans always cheer for the Bronx Bombers when the Yankees visit the Angels.  So what?  Folks will cheer the team they love – and the U.S. soccer team just plain sucks.

Bill Plaschke, at the L.A. Times, was one of the few columnists who got it right, “How many places are so diverse that it could fill football stadiums with folks whose roots are somewhere else? How many places offer such a freedom of speech that someone can display an American flag on their porch one day and cheer against the flag the next?”  Bravo Bill!

Mexicans should be proud of the Mexican soccer team.  And Americans who don’t like that should push for the firing of the American team’s coach – and wholesale changes to the team.  Recruiting more Mexican American players would be a good start.

By Editor

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34 thoughts on “Racists – and Thomas Gordon – react after Mexico beats the U.S. soccer team”
  1. I’m glad you pointed out that there were no reports of violence or arrests. And do you know – there were lots of Mexican-Americans rooting for the U.S. to win too – but no one wanted to point that out.

  2. As an American I was rooting for the red, white and blue on Saturday night. I however do not begrudge any of those who chose to root for El Tri (the Mexican national team) because of the connection they feel towards their Motherland.

    My friends from England, who are naturalized citizens, loudly rooted for England over the US in last years World Cup and nobody batted an eye. My father, also a naturalized citizen from Canada, would root for Team Canada in hockey. I never heard anyone complain about that.

    I am quite sure that most of us, including those complaining, would continue to root for the USA if we moved to a foreign land. We are proud of where we are from and so are the fans of El Tri.

  3. The U.S. team doesn’t “just suck” It could have gone easily the other way. i thought that you said U.S. Coach Bradley was the U.S. Chiva’s Coach?

    1. Just referencing what I read elsewhere. Most sports columnists felt that the U.S. team most certainly did suck when it mattered.

  4. Me and the others gals out on Harbor wondered where Tommy was on Saturday. I guess he has taken to hassling Mexican soccer fans in his free time.

  5. So Gordon isn’t a news photographer but he was still an eyewitness to bottles being thrown at police.

    1. One bottle, by a youth, from what the Register reported. I can only surmise the young man was aiming at Gordon but missed.

  6. Chivasfan,

    How do you know what Gordon was an eyewitness too? It does not say that in the Register article. Is that you hiding behind the name “Chivasfan” Tommy?

    Would not be surprised if it was. This is the modus operandi of that crowd to give the appearance of a broad base of support.

  7. “Mexico beating the U.S. men’s soccer team was a really big deal for the people of Santa Ana, and of course a lot of our residents came out into the streets to celebrate.”

    MQ says:

    There they go again, screwing immigration up for the rest of us in the world!!!

    Do you NOT think that Americans are going to be a wee bit peed of at the fact that thousands of stupid Mexicans from Mexico were booing at the US in the US???? Do you not think people form other countries wonder why the US is not busing you lot out ASAP?

    I swear, if you want to know why Mexico is a dump you only need to look at the actions of its people….FYI..Mexico is a dump and YOU dear Mexicans came here to get a way from the dump and the place that you are parading up the streets in demanding immigration reform, you then boo the VERY people who’s vote either mean you stay legally or you don’t….

    I swear there has to be a joke out there about how many Mexicans does it take to screw in a light bulb….Thick is not the word for it! And don’t think that Mexican Americans thought it was cool that you booed and acted stupid while they played the American national anthem…No they thought “What A Wholes?”.

  8. And please leave out the race thing, you can only blame stupid on the brain, not the color of the skin!


  9. Michelle Quinn, Where you been cupcake? Man, we need some fierey debate around her. it’s been flacid without you.

    There is nothing you can do about Gordon and company. They are swimming against the tide when it comes to this.

    As for the US vs. Mexico I hear Cleveland calling!!

  10. Yeah, Sean, we like to cheer our home countries on, but we are not thousands booing the American national anthem…Complete disrespect and these are the same idiots who are trying to jump the immigration line!!!

  11. This cup cake has been trying to run a business in an economy that is almost dead because of the stupid American liberals!

    But, thanks for the hello:)

  12. MICHELL it reminds me when delahoya a mexican american fought julio cesar chavez . the crowd was yelling hatred and insults to delahoya they booed the national anthem . and it was great when oscar KICKED HIS ASS .

  13. Yep! Hello TGO:)

    What happened at the game was Mexicans showing their true colors..and those colors are not Red, White and Blue. The fact that Mexicans have such a contempt for a nation that is sheltering, clothing and given them a life they could only image in Mexico is completely disgraceful. But, as we have all come to realize Mexicans are quite frankly nice to meet in Mexico and annoying here….It’s like they lose their grace and common decency when they cross that border! I would give a little advise to the Mexican people ” don’t bite the hand that feeds you!”

  14. To all of you complaining about the word “gabacho,” here is a definition I think you ought to keep in mind:

    Mexican Spanish slang.
    “Gabacho” is another term for “gringo,” a person from the United States, but sometimes used to denote any non-Hispanic foreigner in Mexico. A “gabachero” is someone who likes gabachos.

  15. It also was used by the spanish in reference to the french as, “Rude Highlanders”. As far as Mexican’s are concerned, it is used to refer to people who have pale skin mostly used by chicanos to describe the white invaders! In other words it is a racist term used by Mexicans who happen to be very racist and ethnocentric.

    I have a new word for Mexicans in America: Gypo’s What ya think? It means traveling persons who nick a lot, are in jail a lot and don’t stay with their babies mama a lot of the time? Sorry, could not find anything that referred to brown skin!

    Seriously!!!! Their own worst enemy!

    1. Michelle,

      If it refers to people who are pale then I guess I am a gabacho too. Needless to say I think your definition is quite wrong.

      As for your suggestion of “gypo” the fact is white Americans use welfare more than Mexican Americans do. And here in the OC, the local Viet community also makes use of such benefits quite often.

      Most Mexicans come here to work and work hard.

      BTW, if you are a pro-life conservative where do you get off attacking folks for having babies? Isn’t that what you want?

  16. No refers to WHTIE Americans, it is a racist term and typical of the culture. Gypo’s makes no reference to welfare queens, but yes, lets add that one to the term Gypo’s.

    And white Europeans come here to work and work hard too! Just because you work hard does not excuse racism and a culture that see’s its self entitled to so much for so little!

    I am very like Margaret Sanger..”the fit should have children the unfit should not”. She was a real sweet heart that one….ya know the founder of Planned Parent Hood… And I am all for people not having children, especially 15 year old kids who well then become a 30 yrs old Welfare recipient with 5 kids….I am a realist not a conservative pro-lifer.

    1. Michelle,

      I already provided an actual online definition that proves you are wrong.

      BTW, when you see folks begging in the streets please note that you won’t see Mexicans doing that.

      As for the life issue, I agree that women should control their bodies. It would be great to see more of an onus put on men for their behavior. It was by the way quite ironic to see Sarah Palin’s daughter end up pregnant out of wedlock. Perhaps she is a gypo?

  17. Really, you have not been to Mexico then have you. One of the reason I will not go to Mexico..My heart broke for the little babies who were forced to sell candy in the streets.

    And I am right about the definition…it is a Spanish word first use in reference to the french….

    Most women are responsible, but as it is in Santa Ana, when you through in free child birth, child care, food stamps, calworks, medicaid, education…etc…You have a recipe for un-wed mothers and dead beat fathers, it crosses the line with all colors and cultures… It happens to be a problem though now with hispanic’s especially here in California. Palin’s daughter has the age long problem of being young and in love and of course being drunk. The hispanic cultures has the recent problem of becoming dependent on welfare and the father is missing out of the picture! Such an interesting topic, and again with the stupid behavior shown at foot ball match, its seems like the Mexicans, are just sliding down and down the path of no return!

  18. Speaking of Julio Cesar Chavez, my favorite Chavez moment was when he fought American Greg Haugen at Estadio Azteca in 1993. Before the fight Haugen ran his mouth saying Chavez had only fought, “Tijuana taxi drivers that my mother could have knocked out” and went on to insult the people of Mexico by saying, “There aren’t 130,000 Mexicans who can afford tickets”.

    Well Greggy was wrong big time. 132,274 Mexicans showed up to watch Chavez pound Haugen for five brutal rounds. The referee stopped it giving Chavez a TKO victory.

    Chavez in his prime would’ve wiped the floor with De la Hoya.

  19. Now that you mention it. Did you know “SHAMROCK – AKA “The Green Machine” Mike Barron lives in Santa Ana.

    Shamrock medaled in the 1992 olympics for Michelle’s native Ireland. He went on to train Sugar Shane Mosely (footwork).

    Back on point though, Sean’s story is insightful because Others (who are not Latino and some who don’t even live in Santa Ana) have questioned where “these people” would get the money for a ticket to a sporting event. As if they were not entitled to go. Perhaps the usual suspects and thier new found democratic friends should get out of thier bubble and travel the world. What matters to one group of people may not matter to you, but, don’t pass judgement insinuating because a working class family (and yeah Gustavo, there are working class people North of seventeenth too!) or even a poor family can go to an event.

    Now, if your arguement is that the public facilities should be reserved for private Multi-Million dollar schools (with a scandalous past) so they can play 12 games a year there on Thursdays………..well then you should join Mr. Lutz and company.

  20. Your distain for your own country is typical of liberals who have no idea what it is like not be American and your over the top love fest for a people who would rather see the back of you on a ship to Europe is baffling to say the least!

    Only 132,274, wow out of 20 million that’s kinda surprising of them not to show up to see a Mexican beat the crap of one of the people they most hate!

    You sure are the perfect example of a liberal metrosexual!!!! Don’t tell me you can salsa too!!! lol

  21. Quinn,

    Rooting for Julio Cesar Chavez is in no way an example of disdain for my country. Sadly your disdain for Latino’s is typical of so many conservatives.

    Your claim that illegal Mexican immigrants are flooding the welfare rolls indicates just how little you know. People in the country illegally are not getting welfare checks and food stamps, legal immigrants like you and citizens are the only ones eligible.

    I can’t remember ever seeing a Mexican immigrant begging for money or food, just a job to earn his keep. You are such a hate filled evil person Quinn. I hope God has mercy upon you.

  22. #1 I am not a conservative, I am an independent. I don’t have a distain for latino’s, I have a distain for welfare and bad behavior…I can’t stand the fact that Mexicans, are parading up the street with American flags one day, then boo the flag when they have a chance…It tell’s a lot about the character of the people, does it not? I have no distain for any human being, just a mild contempt of idiocy!

    Oh, for god sake Sean, don’t spin me a big flipping lie…Most of the welfare recipients a lone in Orange County are Mexican, LA….well what do YOU think? We have 12% of the population here and 34% of welfare recipients…Shall we talk about the roll call for Caloptima….You are so full of it!!!!

    They don’t have to beg for money or food, they only need to go into social service and pick up food stamps etc…..American Citizens can t get welfare as easy as an illegal Alien from Central America…Believe me that SAVE program is not used in Orange County ….

    Evil….shall I send some pea soup your way???? And I bet you think that the taliban are freedom fighters! Wise up Metro boy and get out of the wee bubble you incase yourself in!

    You’re just mad that I’m a little woman who can chew you up and spit ya out! :0) I also cant stand Politically correct brown noser’s…Yuck!

  23. Oh, yeah…God love’s the sinners more and I am a sinner, but god smiles every time I kick some brats butt:0)

  24. Michelle,

    Repeating the same lies over and over again does not make them true. The only truth is that you are a hateful bigot and it is easy for you to be that hiding behind your keyboard. So sad!!

  25. Yeah ok Mill, as if people don’t know that the ADULT in line with the Calfresh card is not the American child!

    Also Mill, to curb the fatness developing all though out Santa Ana, maybe Calfresh needs to be more fresh and not pure lard, since Calfresh does not mean the fatso parents won’t buy the chips and dip with food stamps!

    wise up, and get a clue!

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