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Homelessness: Santa Ana Representatives Stand United, Urging for Countywide Solution

Santa Ana, CA (October 29, 2018) – In regards to today’s status conference for Orange County Catholic Worker et al v. Orange County, The City of Anaheim, The City of Costa Mesa, and The City of Orange:

“I will not support a settlement without all cities named in the lawsuit,” said Supervisor Andrew Do, Chairman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors. “I am profoundly disappointed. The plaintiffs have punished the only cities working to solve the problem. North and Central Orange County are building homeless shelter space, while South County is rewarded for fear-mongering and obstruction. My message to the plaintiffs is simple: Stop posturing. Stop playing politics. Bring every Orange County city as parties to this lawsuit. Santa Ana, Orange, Costa Mesa and Anaheim cannot continue to bear the full burden of this countywide crisis.”

“The cities that have been the most impacted cannot and will not solve the regional homeless problem alone. We are asking the plaintiffs to please bring all the other cities to the table to see a comprehensive approach to addressing the homeless population in Orange County. The time is now to act,” said Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Michele Martinez.

“In tackling this escalating issue, a successful solution can only be long lasting if there is total collaboration with all municipalities. Anything short of that will result in us failing to achieve the ultimate goal,” said Santa Ana Councilmember Sal Tinajero.

“Santa Ana continues to demonstrate that it is willing to help address homelessness. It is time that other cities follow suit and serve their communities in meaningful ways. History remembers those who stand idle on the sidelines when it matters most,” said Santa Ana Councilmember Juan Villegas.

“The ball is in plaintiff’s court to include all the cities, but the County and the City of Santa will continue to collaborate and address homelessness,” said Supervisor Do.

A former Orange County Deputy District Attorney, Deputy Public Defender and City Councilman, Chairman Andrew Do represents the communities of Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, Midway City, Santa Ana and Westminster.

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