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A Santa Ana homeowner is alerting other residents after her home surveillance cameras captured a naked man prowling in her backyard for about an hour, peering into windows as three other women were inside looking after the house, according to KTLA News.

The homeowner, who wishes to remain anonymous, was not home at the time – but her house guests called her during the incident. 

Nude Peeping Tom in Santa Ana

Fortunately the suspect was caught on surveillance video, which showed him trespassing for nearly an hour. The homeowner did not recognize him.

The suspect ended up taking off all of his clothes save for his sneakers. He then went into a shed on the property then walked around the front porch of the home which is located at  Mar Les Drive near Westminster Avenue.

The man eventually stripped down completely, leaving on only his sneakers, the video showed. He then got into a shed on the property and walked around the front porch of the home along

The suspect kept peering into the home’s windows and eventually he drank water from a garden house then covered and uncovered himself with a sheet that he found.

A report on KFI News this morning also indicated that the suspect was pleasuring himself while peering into the home’s windows.

The homeowner called the police but when they finally arrived the suspect was gone.

The homeowner made the surveillance video available on social media in hopes of identifying the suspect.

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