Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Gerry Serrano, the President of the Santa Ana Police Officers Association has responded to the ridiculous lawsuit filed by former SAPD Police Chief Carlos Rojas, with this statement:

“I’m shocked and dumbfounded that Rojas would make such false accusations and continue to damage our city and community. The truth, that the Police Officers Association knows is he was incompetent and had lost the confidence of the rank and file; a vote of No Confidence was initiated, personnel matters were mismanaged and he was unable to implement an effective community oriented policing philosophy.

Former Santa Ana Police Chief Carlos Rojas (pictured in the middle)

In his tenure, violent gang crime went through the roof and in closing what was once a nationally recognized police department saw officers leaving to other agencies something that never occurred before. Lastly, Rojas was the only chief in the state, I believe, that has civil service protection.

With that said, if he was doing such a great job or even adequate for that matter, why would he have resigned? With civil service protection, unless performance is very, very substandard your employment is secure yet he resigned…”

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2 thoughts on “Former SAPD Police Chief Rojas’ lawsuit against the City of Santa Ana should be disregarded because he was incompetent”
  1. If Rojas, as chief knew of violations of law or corruption by anyone should have acted as a law enforcement officer. Therefore, if he failed to act he was aiding and abetting those who committed the crimes. So he can be charged too!!! He was a worthless chief, never a leader!

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