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The Circus Kids

The Circus Kids will be playing at this Saturday’s Downtown Santa Ana First Saturday Art Walk

Don’t miss the Downtown Santa Ana First Saturday Art Walk, set for this Saturday, January 5, from 7 pm to 11 pm, in the Artists Village, in Downtown Santa Ana.

Highlights this month include:

GCS Art Show

  • Jan 5th, 2013, from 7 pm to 11 pm, GCS Santa Ana’s 2nd annual $50 and Under OPEN SHOW!!! open to all artists!!

Konsept Painting live

  • Konsept Painting Live.  Hey guys us and some of our friends will be setting up and painting live during the Art Walk in Santa Ana for Jan 5th, come out, support and meet up with us. We will be open to network with everyone and will be out here with most of our teammates. Find us near the fountain on the Gypsy Den side. Live Art by: Konsept- Charles Balara, We Are Rodents, -Guest Artist- AWD ONE, Diego Diaz, Fernando Olivares. 

Cartonera Cartography

  • EXHIBITION OF SANTANA CARTONOGRAPHIES & BOOKMAKING – SanTana’s Art WalkPublic · By Cartonera Santanera. “Cartonera Cartography” was a summer community art project which brought artists and residents together to create–by means of writing, photography, art, and cardboard–a cartonera “guidebook” of Santa Ana : “Santana Cartonographies”. Each handmade guidebook represents the “essence” of our city: What do I see that you do not see? What do I love about this city and have never told anyone? … Come experience CARTONERA SANTANERA, get involved in the bookmaking process (cut, paint, staple, draw, and get inspired by cardboard) and leave with your OWN personal copy of this special edition guidebook.  This will also be a good opportunity to find out about the future and amazing projects of Cartonera Santanera. Come and join us!

Bomb the window

  • Bomb the Window.  A bombardment is an attack by artists directed against the visual senses. Yes, Chuntana is back, and everyone again will be exposed to the amazing talent which our group of artists has to offer. We have been out of the art scene in DTSA for a while now but we are ready to act again, and what better way than to participate in a small but powerful cameo of art!!! We will be bombing the window of the Santora with unbelievable art pieces. So please stop by and appreciate artwork resulting from our collective!!!! More details to be released soon! Date of Display: December 20th to January 20th. Artwalk night: January 5th, from 3 pm to 11 pm. Time: 24 hours/day. Artist to be announced shortly!

To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given

  • CSUF Grand Central Art Center Brent Green: To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given reveals itself through a multi-plane animated sculpture, a series of polarized lenses and structures created by artist Brent Green for the viewer’s discovery and wonderment. In the narrative, the work centers on the tale of the woman who sewed the spacesuit for Laika, the dog sent into space by the Soviets in 1957. Conceptually, the work pulsates with the intensity of the artist’s signature soundtrack – articulating themes of progress and insight, of invention, exploration and faith. The title piece is accompanied in the exhibition space by two of the artist’s previous films, Carlin and Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then. Presented together, the narratives of these three works delve into the strange fates of the characters for which each is based. Green provides us, in one exhibition space, an opportunity to question the ever-transitioning world in which we live, and the unknown of what is just beyond the horizon. Brent Green, known for his poetic works that address complex struggles, is a self-taught artist and filmmaker who lives and works in a barn in Cressona, PA. The artist has been in residence at Grand Central Art Center since the beginning of October, developing a new feature length work based upon stories and personal recollections of his grandfather.


  • Bellhaunts playing the 1st of the Month at Artwalk with rusholme ruffians the CIRCUS KIDS. 8:00p-Circus Kids, 9:00p-Bellhaunts. Second St. Promenade, between Broadway and Sycamore, Bellhaunts, www.facebook.com/bellhaunts. Circus Kids, www.facebook.com/TheCircusKids.
  • JAN 5 – CURBSIDE GALLERY ( 928 E. SANTA ANA BLVD – SANTIAGO ). Cue bad radio voice, “And we’re back…”. Hopefully, everyone had a great holiday season and Santa delivered the goods. We are kicking off the new year in high style with OC based Valerie Lewis and Venice based Hagop Belian and their take on the human body. The show will run through first of February.

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  1. Councilman Benavides will be holding a Town Hall meeting at the Velvet Lounge ALL night long. Bring your issues and concerns to Papa D.

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