Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

The honeymoon might be over between Van Tran and Janet Nguyen

If the County of Orange declares bankruptcy – again (due in part to Assemblyman Jose Solorio’s vote to take away $48 million in state funding, from the County), will that open the door for former Assemblyman Van Tran to challenge incumbent Supervisor Janet Nguyen, in the First District?

Tran has very high name I.D., due to his run for Congress last year.  He did not beat the incumbent, Loretta Sanchez, but he garnered a lot of press, both negative and positive.

Nguyen, on the other hand, fumbled last year’s Black April event, in Little Saigon, angering her Vietnamese-American voter base, and then endorsed Meg Whitman, which turned out to be an epic fail with her Latino constituents.

Tran got 37,679 votes in 2010, according to Smart Voter.  Nguyen only got 24,920 votes in 2008, when she last ran for office, according to Smart Voter.  The congressional district Tran ran for includes most of Nguyen’s supervisorial district.

Tran got Nguyen’s endorsement last year – and I am sure she made him promise not to run against her.  But we all know that promise will be off the table if the County of Orange files for Bankruptcy protection.

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3 thoughts on “Could Tran defeat Supervisor Nguyen in 2012, if the County goes bankrupt?”
  1. Back when I was in Nam, I used to write New Santa Ana man. and I used to tell them about how the Commies had me pinned down and eating Chinese Children so that we could defeat Merika in the 21 century when they kept producing babies and babies to buy our goods man. Seriously man, It was like all planed by the world wide government man! sh*t man.

  2. I would vote for Van Tran instead of Janet Nguyen. He is smarter and he is educated not like puppet Janet Nguyen. She is the worst speaking supervisor in the State.

    It’s embarrassing for us to have her represent the 1st District.

    She is all about herself and her political friends.

  3. If Van Tran doesn’t take her out, someone else will. Correa or Solorio (assuming they’ve got any money left? Even one of her former underlings like her ex-COS? How about that litle weasel Matt Harper?

    Janet’s made a lot of enemies, and as we all remember just barely squeaked by in ’08. I don’t think she makes it, and I think there’s still bad blood between her and Tran, so he’ll f*ck her over if he chooses to. The GOP does not want to lose this seat in an election that will surely defeat Obama and otherwise be a Republican landslide.

    She needs to take her baby out of the office and off the dais anyway.

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