Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

Santa Ana Police Department Advisory:

City Manager Paul Walters receives the Orange County Bar Foundation’s Sammy Award

The Orange County Bar Foundation’s “Sammy” award is given each year to a recipient who has contributed greatly to the Foundation to assist in best serving the youth and families of Orange County. The “Sammy” is dedicated in loving memory of Robert Sam Barnes who was a longtime supporter and friend that contributed greatly to Orange County families and their youth.

Santa Ana City Manager Paul M. Walters was honored to accept the 19th Annual Robert Samuel Barnes Award. The Santa Ana Police Department is a long time community partner and supporter of the Foundation. As part of their commitment to promote positive youth development, the City of Santa Ana has partnered with the Foundation for over 20 years by making direct referrals of juvenile first-time offender cases directly to the SHORTSTOP and Stop Short of Addiction programs.

Walters has spent 23 years at the helm of Santa Ana’s police department and is a pioneer in community-oriented policing. His belief in forming partnerships with the community to address the causes of crime and reduce the fear of crime has been a model for success for over the past thirty years.


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8 thoughts on “City Manager Paul Walters receives the O.C. Bar Foundation’s Sammy Award”
  1. I wonder why is it that every time you have story about Walters you are using his picture with Mill?

    How did Mill contributed?…… please spare me of your crapola like answer.

  2. Sean has done more to help the people of Santa Ana than every single one of the Usual Suspects combined. Art, you should give out the “Sean” award to the S.A. resident who has stood up to the Usual Suspects and made them eat crow.

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