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The Advocate testifies the Highest Truth at Crystal Cathedral
Event date: July 21, 2012 at 10:30 AM
Seminar Instructor: Christian Instructor Man Hee Lee of the Republic of Korea

Christian Instructor Man Hee Lee will be testifying to the fulfillment of the New Testament prophecies—specifically Matthew 13 and 24, and the entire book of Revelation—according to what has been seen, heard, and commanded based on the 5W’s and 1H (who, what, where, when, why, how). The gospel of heaven, Jesus’ prophecies of the New Testament, was preached in Europe to the West, and was testified to all the people of the world according to the prophecy of Matthew 24:14: “and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

This testimony is given to those who believe in the prophecies of the Bible and have been waiting their fulfillment. Having started in the Republic of Korea, the fulfillment will now go out to the ends of the earth.

Every month in Korea, more than 3,000 people gather to listen to the Revealed Word from Instructor Lee, and that number is growing rapidly. Pastors from 28 different countries who heard this news invited the instructor to come to Europe. Because of the high demand, Instructor Lee is returning to Europe on July 4 for the second time in the past 2 months. The fulfillment of the New Testament is the fulfillment of God’s purpose and the hope of all humanity. The world of faith in America must open up its eyes to his testimony as he is invited to come to America. America cannot wait any longer.

A true believer who believes in God, Jesus, and the promise of the Bible must hear these words, and everyone who attends will not regret it. God’s will, the purpose of the New Testament, is completed through this.

As seating is limited, please reserve your seat at via the contact page. Visit the website to learn more about Instructor Lee’s remarkable life, testimony, and worldwide impact.

Anyone who is a believer will regret it if he or she does not hear it nor believe it.

Event address:
Crystal Cathedral
12141 Lewis Street
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Man Hee Lee

The Christian Instructor Man Hee Lee is the descendant of a Korean royal family of the Joseon Dynasty—a house with 500 years of history. Born in 1931 from a rural farming region, Man Hee Lee was given his name, meaning complete light, by his grandfather—who before Lee’s birth had a precognitive dream regarding a light of heaven shining down.

Man Hee Lee is a living witness to many of the historical events that occurred in Korea. He is also a man of merit as he fought in the frontline of battle during the Korean War. He is someone who guided the Saemahul Movement (New Community Movement) which became a stepping stone to the boom of the Korean economy.

His life of faith began one day in the midst of prayer. A huge star from heaven came down and, by its guidance, he met a heavenly person. He then wrote a pledge in his own blood and swore his loyalty. From that moment on, he walked on the path of faith. He saw and heard the events of the New Testament and he is now testifying about Revelation according to the commands of Jesus.

During this time when Christianity is rapidly decreasing in Korea, hundreds of thousands of people from the East, West, North and South are gathering and believing, after hearing the work of the Holy Spirit and the testimony of Revelation. The news of all this rapid growth is spreading internationally as Christian Instructor Man Hee Lee receives numerous invitations to speak.

The content of his lecture is the testimony of the fulfillment of the New Testament—a testimony that is making known the fulfillment of the promises of Jesus, which has never happened before and will never happen again.

If one believes, one becomes people of heaven, receiving salvation and entering into one’s hope.

This is the greatest truth that even theologians acknowledge. People in Korea must wait as long as one year to hear lectures from this instructor. Inviting this instructor to our land, the United States, is an opportunity the heavens gave us, and I hope we will be grateful for this huge opportunity.

He will take questions after the seminar lecture and he will comply with the interviews of the news teams.


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199 thoughts on “Updated: Christian instructor Man Hee to speak at Christ Cathedral on 7/21”
  1. I was looking online to see if there was anything interesting, worth my time to look at, and I came across this article. I must say, this caught my attention because ive been a believer for quite some time, and ive had so many unanswered questions. I want to know of what Instructor Lee will be speaking about. If he will be speaking on Mt13,Mt24, and revelation, I want to go hear for myself.

    Im tired of not fully understanding Gods word and if hearing Instructor Lee’s word is going to change my life, its worth my couple hours to go and hear him. Ill keep July 21st open.

  2. This is definitely something I’m very curious about… Someone who is making such a claim to have seen and heard Revelation? I’d like to hear what he has to say…

  3. Aloha! I just moved here from Hawaii and i’m so used to people being laid back but here everyone is so confrontational. I stumbled upon this ad and jeez!

    If this man claims to have truth let him speak and come to listen. there’s no use trying to judge it now when you haven’t even heard him yet. let’s listen and then decide if it’s truth or not.

  4. If nothing else, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to hear something for once. It’s not like I don’t have time. I’ll probably go if it doesn’t cost too much 🙂

  5. I just clicked a facebook post to this article. I’ve honestly always been surprised at how many of us believers don’t have the desire to understand Revelation fully. If it wasn’t important I feel Jesus would not have given the vision to John. Clearly there is something in there for believers. Even though a lot of people say different things about the book, and have different theories about it, as a believer, I feel a sense of obligation to investigate the truth of the book. If this Man Hee Lee is going to speak on it, I think it’s well worth attending to hear this perspective. Do people really believe what is available now about Revelation is truth? They all say different things. This man offers a testimony not a prediction of future events. I for one will probably attend to evaluate what he has to say.

  6. what makes him so different from any pastor out there? doesn’t all pastors have “truth”??

    So are you saying that he can explain things that non christians will agree is truth too??
    Becuase in my mind… truth has to be truth and 100%. that’s why I have struggled with Christianity for so long. Truth only seems partial and it’s easy to see a person’s motives are mixed into their messages when they speak. That word “truth” has become so watered down, and it’s a bold statement to say he has it.

  7. @brian hawkins

    I think while it might be difficult to see who has “truth” and who doesn’t, it should be easy to determine that if there are 3 contradictory teachings about a topic, then they can’t all be right. While we might not know which is the truth at a glance, we know at least 2 of them are speaking falsely. So to answer the question, don’t all pastors have “truth”? Clearly not or they would all be teaching the same thing.

    I’m not sure about this speaker to be honest. I don’t know if what he says will convince non-Christians as well, right now all I know is he is claiming to have truth. Many people it seems from around the world are corroborating that claim. I feel as a believer we are supposed to let someone who claims to have that authority speak, and hear what they have to say, I think that’s only fair. They said at the first coming that Jesus deceived the people, even brought false testimony against him. So I’m not so concerned about what people may say or not say, I think it’s something each person should investigate for themselves.

    If you truly struggle with “truth” and Christianity, it might be that those who were teaching you didn’t have “truth” and they themselves didn’t realize it. Perhaps truth was only partial because that’s what the Bible teaches, Paul says “now I know in part, but then I shall know fully”. “Then” indicates at some future time. Perhaps that time is now, how will one know unless they listen for themselves. I agree with you though, truth has to be 100%. 🙂

  8. I have heard through word of mouth that this person will be traveling overseas to speak about the events regarding Revelation. Naturally an off-limits topic during our church sermons, Revelation and the end times are very fear-provoking. Then again, we are naturally afraid of what we don’t know. I am hoping that Mr. Lee may shed some light and further deepen my relationship with God. Until then, I will keep my eyes and ears open for the truth.

  9. Actually, i’d like to have a small talk with the “christians” who spat at this person, i mean even if a person does not agree with something, that does not give a right to like harm another person. I bet if anything, this person mentioned is a better sample of what a good person should be; that’s how a lot of things have been like in history! Speaking of which, im just glad that this kind of news is going to hit the garden grove area, because it is SO dry here and something like this in my opinion can really spice things up here. woo!!

  10. How does Man Hee Lee differ from what is being preached today in the churches? I want to find out more about him. He sounds interesting and new.

  11. I’ve never seen any article on this site receive so many comments xD I like to check the news in the county when I can for my sociology class, idk how I ran into this article, it being a religious one, but I thought i’d comment too! Not so sure about religion myself but congrats santa ana, on finally some bigger headway in news! Judging by comments i think this would make an interesting topic of a paper too–will the event be free to non-christians as well?

  12. I saw the SCJ World Volunteer Group on flag day, I talked to one of them. They were all about world peace and everyone being united. I thought that was very nice that there are people like that, trying to make this world come together. I heard their main guy (Mr. Lee, right?) is coming to do a seminar here in the southern california… I’d like to go see that. Thanks for covering the story, guys.

    Is it possible to have interviews and coverage on their upcoming seminar?

    Please let me know in reply.


  13. The more comments I read the more intrigued i am to go and find out for myself as well. This looks like a hot topic! There are so many opinions/interpretations about Revelation plus pastors who admit they don’t know themselves! so for someone to speak with such authority concerning the entire book of Revelation being opened and clearly explained according to scripture makes me curious to hear what he has to say.

  14. Hmm…I’ve never heard of this speaker before. But after reading some of these comments, he seems like someone who has made a huge impact. I’ve always wondered about Revelation myself, so I’ll save the date. Also, it seems extremely wrong for this person to be persecuted based on what he believes.

  15. Again, all of these continuous comments have grabbed my attention. Will he speak plainly, or will he use difficult terminology most pastors use today? If he has to explain Matthew 13, 24, and Revelation, I wonder how he will be able to reach across people of different backgrounds, especially considering not all attendees will be just pastors. This really is making me more and more eager as the event date comes!

  16. That’s a pretty big claim. But there’s no harm in listening more. I can either be equipped with this “awakening” or I can just judge for myself. As believers it’s our responsibility to listen isn’t it? He sounds definitely more worthwhile to listen to as he’s not claiming to be Jesus or anything

  17. Wait… The fulfillment of revelation??? Are you sure?? I must come to see for myself then!

  18. Persecution from christians? I thought christians aren’t supposed to do that?? thats so messed up! Just because of that, I’m going to attend the event for myself to see if this man is really speaking truth or not. I really don’t like it when people judge the book by its cover. I’ll forsure see for myself and attend. If this man really is testifying to the fulfillment of the bible, the prophecies Jesus left, I must listen to and believe it. Thank you for making this information known.

  19. Time of the end talk AGAIN?! the last time people posted on billboard it was such a joke. However, if this man can back everyting according to scripture and many pastors has heard and agreed, I guess I will need to check it out for myself

  20. Germany heard him, Korea heard him, and now finally.. it’s America’s turn.. let’s see what he has to bring.. see you all in July!

  21. Ooh I’ve never been to a Revelation seminar but have always wanted to hear one! Glad this place is like 5 minutes from my house~ thanks for posting the info newsantaana!

  22. Imma look into this guy that claims this is all from God. I can’t make a judgment whether it’s right or wrong until I hear for myself and see what the Bible says ya know? If this is true… wow. Savin the date fsho

  23. i somehow came across this article and jeez the statements made seem to be quite bold. it makes me wonder if there is any backing behind it all or if its a smokescreen? I want to hear straight it in person so i’ll definitely look to make the trip out there. i hope more local news reporters pick this up so i can hear in greater detail

  24. I am very interested in this seminar. There are a lot of previous seminars regarding this same speaker and many people claim he speaks the word of God. If this speaker claims to have truth, then I will have to check it out for myself. I will definitely be attending.

  25. i’ve been a christian my whole life….and have been to conferences but i have never heard of anything like this. it sounds so True and epic….i’ve never heard of him…but in my heart I know that God is calling me to go because if i don’t i will regret it forever. I will definitely go and hear what he has to say. thank you for posting this!!

  26. Fulfillment of what? Wouldn’t all believers have seen something? Did we have something wrong this whole time?

  27. A friend referred me to this link and seminar…I’m quite impressed by the number of responses. Up til now I’ve heard about the end being about 666 bar codes, ww3, pope being the antichrist, etc–i’m sick and tired of all those ridiculous theories. Hope this one will be different and I’m willing to hear him out based on his popularity. Thanks for the post.

  28. I am actually interested in this seminar…because although i have been a christian my whole life, my church has never taught us anything regarding revelation. and honestly, i am too afraid of reading revelation myself. But Man hee Lee is saying that revelation has already been fulfilled?? is that really true? and what does that really mean? This is really interesting so I’ll definitely check it out for myself. I will believe what he says if everything he says has biblical evidence.

  29. waitt…Revelation has been fulfilled?? How is he able to know this? I looked at the website and saw that he went to’s so crazy that people in Europe already knows about this and accepts what he teaches. I’d like hear what he has to say…but I dont speak korean..will there be translations??

  30. it seems like everybody has their own interpretation in regards to what Revelation really means, and when it fulfills too. I’ve heard so many interpretations that seriously don’t make sense. I’m going to have to listen in to this guy though since there’s so much buzz about him. and I’m not gonna be one to judge based on what others say, but i’m going to try to see for myself. I ran into some people passing out flyers for this event too. So this seems pretty legit to me.

  31. I did a little research and saw that there are some people who aren’t too excited about this instructor coming and speaking at the Crystal Cathedral… I don’t understand why so many people are so quick to make judgments before even hearing him speak. I’ve never heard of ManHee Lee myself, but there’s buzz all over the internet about him all and from even my friends. I live in the OC area and am surprised to see so many articles about him. I want to find out more though… anyone know where I can?

  32. Do a google search on him. Thoroughly check him out before you go to hear him. From what I understand so far: He says he saw an angel that looked like Jesus and the angel gave him a book to eat and after that he knew all of Revelation. (See Rev. 10 — that, he believes ,applies to him)
    HE has THE understanding, he thinks, of Revelation and he has to preach it all over the world.
    I do NOT believe this.
    I believe that the Holy Spirit reveals things over time to all of us Christians. There is not just one teacher who is the ONLY ONE who understands something and we all have to hear him in order to get it right.
    Be CAREFUL… do the research on him!!!!!!
    There is much more…but what I already wrote should put a caution light in your spirit.
    He and an entourage of his faithful followers participated one day during an 8 day convention that I was at last week. He showed a video of the thousands of people at his meetings and other “great things” . Numbers mean nothing (note the numbers there are of Muslims, Hindus, Mormons, etc — all of them in false theology).
    There is a STRONG sense of “having to” agree with him or else we are disrespecting the “man of God” (yes, he DID complain about those who did not receive his message). Nonsense, even Paul appreciated the Bereans who went home to study to make sure what they had heard was true.
    True men of God WANT Christians to “test the spirits” to see if what is being taught is true teaching by a true man of God! We never blindly follow anyone.
    This sense that we were all supposed to receive him made a division among us. I pray he is quickly exposed and that the body of Christ does not get in some big controversy about him! God! Please help us to discern!!

  33. Wow, so I’m a big reader on news, and have been coming upon this story constantly.
    What is this Open Bible Seminar???
    To Joanne: I’ve seen these comments and things, myself. I, honestly, don’t see what the big deal is. And I think the website they provide shows a lot of content.

    I’m so intrigued with all this buzz from the local papers. I hope I can make it to the event.

  34. rosemary, after what you wrote, it got me to do some thorough research on this instructor. I want to make sure what I’m learning and accepting is only from Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

    I’ve attended church my whole life. My dad is an elder, my uncle is a pastor, my aunt is married to a pastor… I’m surrounded by God-fearing people all around me.

    I’ve never heard such claims like this before, and I prayed to God for a heart of discernment before reading and looking at anything about this instructor.

    My conclusion is… what if this instructor really is speaking the truth? I’ve never heard such bold statements in my whole life before… but he teaches with certainty and he speaks on what all the articles say he will speak on.. he’s speaking the reality of what he saw and heard.

    If he really is proclaiming to the world what Jesus commanded him to, I don’t want to be found in the end as the one who didn’t accept when I had a chance to.

  35. Please watch who you call false. It’s disrespectful and such a shame to see even from a standpoint of someone who doesn’t even know who this man is.

  36. I am a Chinese student studying abroad in Korea. I am not a Christan before I become a member of Shinchonji . When I first came to Korea I was surprise to see so much churches here. I was interested about the religion life here , so I always go to different churches with my friends. But I always fall asleep when priests preaching the Gospel. Actually they are not preaching the Gospel,they are just reading Bible and talk something about themselves.So it is no wonder I fall asleep.But I was shocked to hear such awsome preach once I went to the church of Shinchonji. It was almost the first time I didn’t fall asleep when the priest preaching the Gospel. The priest explained the Bible so well which made me absorbed in it. Therefore I started studying Bible in Shinchonji which makes my life so colorful. Thank you God,you are filled with love and lead me to the real priest,Man Hee Lee,who preaches your word by heart and soul. May Your kingdom come; may Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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