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Carlos and Alfonso Bustamante

A lawsuit filed this week in Orange County Superior Court accuses Alfonso Bustamante, the twin brother of Santa Ana Council Member Carlos Bustamante, “of repeatedly abusing his position as a licensed psychologist by secretly engaging in a “side relationship” with the female half of a married couple seeking counseling,” according to the OC Weekly.

“Damien Edwards claims in his seven-page lawsuit that Bustamante–who is the married brother of Carlos Bustamante, the disgraced Republican politician–is guilty of professional negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of confidentiality and intentional infliction of emotion distress.”

Remember those emails I got from one of Bustamante’s ex-girlfriends, starting back in 2009?  She implicated Alfonso as well as Carlos.  And looking back at her emails she was rather coy as to which one she was allegedly dating.  

I also reported back in 2008 that Alfonso was considering running for the Santa Ana City Council – and it looks like we may have dodged a bullet as in the end he did not run.

We could have stopped Carlos in 2008 too, when he was up for reelection, but the Democrats didn’t bother to find someone to run against him, and when I ended up challenging him the Liberal OC bloggers ended up attacking me instead of Carlos.  What a shame.  We ended up stuck with this foul Republican for four more years – and the Democratic Party of Orange County and their blogger allies are to blame for that.

Alfonso was previously accused of being a slumlord – and yet he continues to serve on the Santa Ana Historical Resources Commission.  He was appointed by Santa Ana Council Member Michele Martinez, who obviously needs to give him the boot ASAP.

The lawsuit against Alfonso is serious.  The claimant’s “lawyer, John L. Fleer of Walnut Creek, also accused Bustamante of violating the American Psychological Association code of ethics as well as California’s business and professional codes,” according to the OC Weekly.

In related news, “The attorney for Carlos Bustamante, the Santa Ana city councilman accused of multiple sex crimes against women who worked for him at Orange County Public Works, is asking the courts to dismiss all charges, accusing District Attorney Tony Rackauckas of “egregious” conduct that will prevent a fair trial,” according to the Voice of OC.

I don’t expect this strategy to work, but Bustamante’s lawyer has to try every ploy at his disposal.  It doesn’t look good for his client – and now it doesn’t look good for his twin brother Alfonso either.  Carlos recently sold his jaguar, I would imagine to help pay for his legal bills.  Will Alfonso now have to sell his Bentley too?

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14 thoughts on “Carlos Bustamante’s twin brother sued for alleged affair with client”
  1. “Carlos recently sold his jaguar, I would imagine to help pay for his legal bills”…….. Hmmmmmmm

    If you are talking about that red one it was Alfa Romeo Spider 1968 classic, collector’s item, Art.

    I am sure that there had to been complaints sent to SAPD, anonymously, same as they were sent to you but SAPD had to ignore them.

  2. My advise to Cecilia Aguinaga: Never take pictures with politicians — you may be taking pictures with criminals.

    Like Mill with Walters and Walters with Obama in which the fame may be temporary.

  3. That’s why admin never comes out into public and takes pictures with us. He is trying to protect himself, or I forget which way that works again.

    1. “He is trying to protect himself, or I forget which way that works again”…….. Hmmmmmmmmm

      It is simple mateo, I strongly recommend that you take pictures with any one politician while you still have two years!

  4. Per the booklet “Professional Therapy Never Includes Sex” by The California Department of Consumer Affairs.

    “Professional psychotherapy never includes sex. It also never includes verbal sexual advances or any other kind of sexual contact or behavior. Sexual contact of any kind between a therapist and a patient is unethical and illegal in the state of California. Additionally, with regard to former patients, sexual contact within two years after termination of therapy is also illegal and unethical.

    Sexual contact between a therapist and a patient can also be harmful to the patient. Harm may arise from the therapist’s exploitation of the patient to fulfill his or her own needs or desires, and from the therapist’s loss of the objectivity necessary for effective therapy. All therapists are trained and educated to know that this kind of behavior is inappropriate and can result in the revocation of their professional license.

    Therapists are trusted and respected, and it is common for patients to admire and feel attracted to them. However, a therapist who accepts or encourages these normal feelings in a sexual way – or tells a patient that sexual involvement is part of therapy – is using the trusting therapy relationship to take advantage of the patient. And once sexual involvement begins, therapy for the patient ends. The original issues that brought the patient to therapy are postponed, neglected, and sometimes lost.

    Many people who endure this kind of abusive behavior from therapists suffer harmful, long-lasting emotional and psychological effects. Family life and friendships are often disrupted, or sometimes ruined.

    California’s lawmakers, licensing boards, professional associations and ethical therapists want such inappropriate sexual behavior stopped. This booklet was developed to help patients who have been sexually exploited by their therapists. It outlines their rights and options for reporting what happened. It also defines therapist sexual exploitation, gives warning signs of unprofessional behavior, presents a “Patient Bill of Rights,” and answers some frequently asked questions.”

    California Department of Consumer Affairs


  5. “Per the booklet ‘Professional Therapy Never Includes Sex’ by The California Department of Consumer Affairs”…… Hmmmmmm

    Unless you are a sex therapist.

  6. It is a shame you publish this picture of XXX and then you cover her face with a smiling cartoon. Everyone knows that at that time the Bustamante’s brothers were considered great citizens of OC. I would advice you to remove this picture completely or you may find yourself in court for libel….shame on you Art..

  7. Please get over it u don’t know the whole story!!! And woman are powerful to get what they need we are not victims!!!And we are not dumm to allow it!!

  8. Alfonso was my instructor in my Masters degree is psychology…. He was a racist and played the poor minority victims. Funny, he grew up in an affluent neighborhood. Two idiots with the same DNA

  9. This guy was the least professional of any psychologist that I have ever encountered. Can’t believe he is still practicing as a therapist. His brother was just sentenced to a year in jail and has to register as a SEX OFFENDER. See articles below:

    *Alfonso Bustamante, Psychologist, Facing Ethics Lawsuit For Alleged Affair with Female Patient:


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