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UPDATE: According to Eric Lee, “We had over 600 request to follow up and learn more about the instructor and also the fulfillment of Revelation.”   Click here to see the official event follow-up press release.  And click here to see more pictures taken at this event.

I visited the former Crystal Cathedral today (it is now knows as Christ Cathedral), where throngs of mostly young Koreans and other believers came together to listen to the ministry of Instructor Man Hee Lee, a self-avowed expert on the Book of Revelation.

There had been some consternation in the week leading up to the event as a number of evangelical Christians complained that Lee is the head of a cult.  One woman at today’s service even ran up to the front of the church and started yelling.  She was quickly removed although Lee asked that she be allowed to speak – in the lobby.

The sermon was in Korean, but we were all given headsets and the sermon was translated into several languages including English and Spanish.

Lee was born in Korea in 1931, which means that he is 81 years old – and I have to say he looks pretty well kept for being in his eighties.  Lee claims a lineage that can be traced back for 500 years.  That may sound like a lot but Korea is an ancient country.   He also says that he was visited by Jesus himself, in Korea, and that he “saw and heard the events of Revelation.”

Lee’s lineage dates back to the Joseon empire, according to Wikipedia, which is when bronze making techniques were imported from China, according to PBS.  Koreans created the first world’s first metal moveable type in the 12th century.  By 1522, the German preacher Martin Luther was printing the first Bible’s produced on such presses, according to Wikipedia.  Lee referred to Luther today when he repeatedly admonished those at the service to read the Bible.

While urging followers to read the Bible fits in nicely with leading Evangelical thought, Lee does hold a controversial position in that he believes we are already “fulfilling Revelation.”  But his take on Revelation is not like anything I have heard before.  For one thing, Lee is expert at translating the book of Revelation in terms of analogy.  He sees much of the text as symbolizing ideas.

During the sermon Lee patiently made his way through each chapter of the Book of Revelation, explaining what he feels the symbols mean.  While he has been critized as a false prophet, he took false prophetst to task during his speech.

So are we in the end times?  That is hard to say.  There is no mistaking that we live in dark times considering all the unrest and death in the Middle East, and the horrible shooting here in the U.S. just this week, at a screening of the new Batman film in Aurora, Colorado.

I had a chance after the sermon to ask Lee about the Aurora shooting – and about the increase in atheism among our youth.  Lee paused then answered firmly in Korean that we need to be knowledgable in the Bible and that this is especially true of our young people.

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163 thoughts on “Updated: Korean Bible instructor Man Hee Lee packs the Crystal Cathedral”
  1. Shinchonji is a cult that worships Lee Man-He.
    신천지는 이만희를 숭배하는 사이비종교입니다.
    He is the leader of the group and the members believe that he lives forever.
    그는 그 집단의 교주이며 그 회원들은 그가 영생한다고 믿습니다.
    He claims the unity of religions, so he meets many religious representatives and the former president over the world saying that something was achieved in the East and he should spread it in the West.
    그는 동성서행을 말하면서 종교통합을 주장하며 전세계의 많은 종교지도자와 전직대통령을 만나고 있습니다.
    But all of his deeds and sayings are evil and false.
    그러나 그의 모든 행동과 말은 사악하며 가짜입니다.
    The meetings are produced to media data like CDs and he sells them to the believers and extorts money from them.
    그 만남이 씨디와 같은 미디어자료로 제작이 되고 그는 그것들을 신도들에게 팔아 돈을 갈취합니다.
    There has been many serious social problems like divorce and running away from home in Korea because of the cult.
    이 사이비종교 때문에 한국에서는 이혼과 가출과 같은 심각한 사회적 문제들이 있어왔습니다.
    Please check the cult carefully.
    부디 주의깊게 이 사이비종교를 검토하시기 바랍니다.
    mannam,Shinchonji,iwpg,hwpl one name

  2. Mr. Lee has done nothing but the work of peace and speak to what’s recorded and fulfilled in the Bible. You’ll see through his words and actions which side he’s advocating. Right now, he’s working toward peace. Let’s really see for ourselves through the Bible and not the lens of any man.

  3. As a former member, I testify that the Shincheonji group is a destructive cult. They are dangerous and deceptive. They use various manipulative techniques to control one’s mind and destroy our authentic self / identity. Some of them include loaded language, NLP, and hypnotism (please search internet and books about them). I studied the Bible class with them for more than one year. In the beginning, everything was good. But after a few months later, they started to use their manipulative techniques. If we dont have any knowledge of them, we easily become their victims. They become more aggressive and destructive when they teach the Revelation. They are proud of being the only church in the world to know the revelation. But I could confirm that all are rubbish. However, in the class, they employed hypnotist techniques to make us in a trance and we are therefore, deluded and believe in what they say. Consequently, we think that we are one of the chosen firsfruits-144,000 members to receive the salvation.

    For those who dont understand the cults. I strongly recommend these following books : (1) Cults in Our Midst (By Margaret Singer, Janja Lalich) This is a comprehensive and academic book on cult. You will find the detailed definitions of cults, types, signs, histories, techniques, recoveries. (2) Combatting Cult Mind Control (by Steven Hassan) This is a practical book which Steven shared his own personal experience when he was in the Unification Church cult. He suggested some useful techniques to overcome the cults and recover their abuses. (3) Mind Control Mannual (by David Mc Dermott) This book is useful and detailed to those who dont like academic readings. It is very informative and practical. If you dont have time to read the book to understand what the cult is, simply see this short video clip.
    Ẩn bớt

    One more thing to say:

    Cult leaders are psychopaths or sociopaths who suffer from the psychological disorders (Cults in Our Midst – Dr. Singer). Therefore, there are no surprises if one claims that he or his group could save the world in the position of the Messiah or Savior. Those who claim this mission should successfully save and cure himself for the psychological problems first before thinking of saving others.

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