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At 2:35 a.m. on Thursday, December 8th, an O.C. Sheriff’s Deputy supervisor in Rancho Santa Margarita conducted a vehicle stop in the city.

A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed several tools known to be used to steal catalytic converters.

The O.C. Sheriff’s South Directed Enforcement Team (DET) members responded to assist with the follow up investigation.

All three subjects were from Riverside and were arrested for conspiracy to commit grant theft.

The arrest of these suspects likely prevented more catalytic convertor thefts. This type of crime can cost victims significant time and money.

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2 thoughts on “Catalytic converter thieves from Riverside busted by O.C. Sheriff Deputies”
  1. Don’t worry the new laws that go into effect this year will stop all these thefts. Haha what a joke. As long as the lower middle class and the lower class get squeezed by the state and federal government,and drugs are allowed to cascade over our joke of a border,this is what you’re going to get. This state is in a downward spiral that isn’t ever going to stop.

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