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Valerie Amezua, David Benavides and company – but no Eric Alderete

Santa Ana mayoral candidate David Benavides and his supporters would like us to think that he represents some kind of revolution, but in truth he is working with Santa Ana’s Usual Suspects – the mostly Republican, angry, older anti-Latino busy bodies that ran City Hall for far too long.

The Usual Suspects are the folks who passed laws against drying your laundry in the backyard; who limited garage sales to four per year; who worked to get rid of jobs – targeting those who deliver printed marketing materials to homes and those who stand on street corners twirling signs to build up local businesses.  These are the gentrifiers who bemoan the fact that Santa Ana became a Latino majority city and who put bear locks on their trash cans to keep the homeless from collecting their bottles and cans.

Charles and Ronea Hart

This year the Usual Suspects are running for several offices – and their number includes Charles Hart, a candidate for Ward 3 on the Santa Ana City Council.  Hart’s wife, Ronea, posted on the Santa Ana Citizens Yahoogroup this week that Charles is looking for chairs and tables to borrow for a temporary campaign office in the Floral Park Promenade.  Here is the message in its entirety:

—–Original Message—–

From: Charles and Ronea Hart <>

To: SantaAnaCitizens <>

Sent: Sat, Sep 8, 2012 7:36 am

Subject: [SantaAnaCitizens] Need table and chairs


I am opening up a temporary office in the Floral Park Promenade for a couple of months and I need some folding chairs and tables. I would love to find about 10 rectangle tables and 75 chairs. If you have any tables and chairs that I could borrow until mid-November, could you please let me know? I will stop by and pick them up from you at your convenience.

Also if you have any other office stuff, let me know. We could use everything. 

Ronea Hart

Julie Stroud

Former City Commissioner Julie Stroud, who was appointed by Benavides to the Santa Ana Parks and Recreation Commission, replied thusly:

Re: Need table and chairs

Sat Sep 8, 2012 10:36 am (PDT) . Posted by: “”

David B. is looking for an office, maybe he would want to share space with you. It would be worth a call and may open some doors. Go for it, but be fast he is looking right now. Cell 651-4380 Let me know what he says. 


Charles Hart is on the left, his supporter Debbie McEwen is on the right

How nice of Stroud to suggest that Hart share an office with Benavides – but there is a problem.  Hart is running against a number of candidates, including Eric Alderete.  By suggesting that Benavides work with Hart, Stroud is suggesting that the Benavides “revolution” betray Alderete.  (For a good laugh by the way, click here to check out Hart’s endorsements!)

What this situation underscores is how shaky the Benavides cabal is.  Most of the Benavides bunch are allied with him for their own purposes.  Santa Ana Council Member Vince Sarmiento, for example, is obviously using Benavides as a trial balloon against Mayor Miguel Pulido, just as Alfredo Amezcua did to Council Member Michele Martinez two years ago.

John Palacio is pulling for Valerie Amezcua, but not Myriam Tinajero

SAUSD Trustee John Palacio and Amezcua are in the coalition to stick it to Pulido but also to advance Amezcua’s daughter, Valerie, as a candidate for the SAUSD School Board.  And there’s the rub.  There is only one open seat on the SAUSD School Board – and two powerful incumbents who are up for reelection.  But the Benavides cabal was able to lure Council Member Sal Tinajero by promising to support his sister, Myriam, who is also a candidate for the SAUSD School Board.

Palacio already rigged the Santa Ana Educators’ Association endorsement for Amezcua and they also backed the two incumbents.  Tinajero was left out in the cold.  It is obvious that Palacio and the rest of the Benavides gang are only interested in electing Amezcua, not Tinajero.

So the Benavides bunch is already coming apart at the seams.  Alderete had already indicated that he was going to run his own campaign – now he would be advised to run away from the Benavides junta as soon as far away as possible.

By Editor

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32 thoughts on “Benavides’ supporters caught betraying his ally, Alderete”
  1. “…Hart share an office with Benavides”

    Some say the enemy of my enemy is my friend so I guess it’s not a huge shocker that Democrat Benavides and Republican Hart are working together to try to get some traction in their campaigns. They seem to have some of the same core supporters you mentioned so I guess it makes sense for them to combine resources. Have Hart and Benavides endorsed each other? I would have thought that Hart would be supporting Republican George Collins for Mayor? Perhaps you could ask Mr. Collins his take on all of this.

  2. “David B. is looking for an office, maybe he would want to share space with you. It would be worth a call and may open some doors. Go for it, but be fast he is looking right now. Cell 651-4380 Let me know what he says.”

    I believe Clint Eastwood has an extra chair he could loan them!

  3. Editor,

    I’m not old and I’m not angry and I support David Benavides. I’m not a “usual suspect” and neither are the large majority of voters that are going to put Benavides in the mayors office come November.

    with all due respect, this is a new low in your “journalism.” Emails between two people that do not represent Benavides at all is not newsworthy…actually not even local municipal blog worthy. This piece is a waste of writing and yet just another effort to again throw a bunch of “stuff” at the wall hoping that something, at some point, will stick.

    I’m trying keep comments civil. Please have some integrity in what you write. I know you will claim it’s all true, etc. “Betraying an ally” is irresponsible and misleading language at best. I believe you do care about our city…I hope so. I just wish you’d mix in a bit more civility, responsibility, and humility.

    I am pleased as I read blog posts and comments from the contingent that supports Benavides that they are, much more often than not, civil and fair in their commentaries. I’m sure this is not always the case. Taking the high road will pay off in November.

    And Carpetbagger, why in the world are you so angry??

    1. Those emails were posted on a public bulletin board with hundreds of members…there is nothing secret about them.

      I am told that the Alderete campaign has been appraised of this. The damage is done.

      1. Editor,

        “The damage is done.” Are you referring to your irresponsible blog post? If so, very true. You can’t undo or unwrite your foolish posts. They live forever. You can’t squeeze the tooth past back in the tube. You can, however, move forward with more integrity.

        Fortunately, your blog posts are so obviously biased and you’re grasping for anything to defend your client…I mean candidate, Mayor Pulido. So don’t worry, no damage done.


        1. There was nothing irresponsible about my post. No one is forcing you to read this blog. Feel free to ignore it if that makes you feel better.

          The Benavides cabal is coming apart. By November they will all be at each other’s throats, guaranteed.

  4. And come on…posting someone’s cell phone number?! You should be ashamed! Will you please post your own cell phone number so other blogs that don’t agree with you can repost since you seem to have no problem with that??

    Show some integrity and character!!

  5. Curious,

    Please do not mistake my quest for David to tell the truth to the public as anger.

    I am not mad, but very afraid that a man lacking moral character like David could lead a city with so many challenges.

    You write: “I am pleased as I read blog posts and comments from the contingent that supports Benavides that they are, much more often than not, civil and fair in their commentaries. I’m sure this is not always the case. Taking the high road will pay off in November.”

    Well I have seen EXACTLY TWO people defend Benavides on the blogs: You and Dr. Lomeli.

    I have yet to see David Benavides address his marital situation, instead, he uses a clever ploy, like a picture of his dog and calls it the “the family pet”.

    I want Mr. Benavides to come clean. Thats all. No anger, just TRUTH.

    I realize telling the truth is hard, especially for guys like Tom Umberg, John Edwards and David Benavides.

    If you are so curious, as your name suggests, maybe you should ask the Benavides campaign why his wife left him.

  6. Hi Editor AKA Art Pedroza),

    Art, If you are going to write a blog at least get your facts right. I was the Councilmember who created the city ordinance to ban garage sales to four weekends a year. Why? Because I love my city and I wanted Santa Ana to be remembered for the beautiful Tudor and Colonial style homes which line its residential streets and not seen as one large rummage sale everyday of the year. Plus it was not fair to all local Santa Ana businesses which invested every year large amounts of capital and collected the local sales tax for the city, county, and state to have to compete against individuals who set up shop under the farce of a garage sale. My goal was to beautify Santa Ana and create a standard for the Santa Ana, we could be proud to call our home.

    Second the council banned the drying of laundry on the balcony of apartment and condo complexes and not the backyards of individual property owners.

    Art, does that mean you classify me as one of the Usual Suspects, because I created and supported these issues? How can I, Ted Moreno, fall under this classification, Art Pedroza? You say The Usual Suspects are the old former city councilmember their supporters who are White and Republican. I am not white; because I was born of two wonderful Mexican parents and I have been a long time registered Democrat. So I think there is a flaw in how you classify people as “The Usual Suspects”. However, I am proud to classify myself as a GOD fearing Christian who brought back the public pray before every council meeting. I proud to say that always worked hard for all Santa Ana residents, to make sure their tax dollars were well spent and that the city bureaucracy was held accountable for how they managed the city and its tax dollars. If the rest of the council, The Usual Suspects you call them today and the same individuals you support back when i was on the council, would have taken my recommendation seventeen years ago to cut employees salaries and pensions, then the city would not be facing bankruptcy today. What is funny Art is that Mayor Pulido supported me on the garage sale ban and the banning the drying of laundry on balcony, but you do not label him as part of The Usual Suspects or bash him for his prior voting history. For some reason you are still supporting him for Mayor, only GOD know why.

    Please Art stop giving out false information on your blog in order to bash individuals you do not want to see elected. Use your blog to fix Santa Ana problems. Hold the city council accountable for their actions.

    First, question the council why they are approving so many apartment complexes, which are high to medium in density, such as the units behind Davis elementary. High density apartment are what caused so many of the problems we still see in our city and school district today. However, it appears the council has not learned from the past.

    Second, look at the Bristol widening. Ask why the current phase of widening from Third Street to Tenth Street is not under grounding the utilities. The previous phases of the project underground all the utilities lines; however, this phase appears that they are just moving the electric poles over about 25 feet to the west. To me that tell me that the council, as a whole, either does know what is going on in this city or they just do not care about maintaining a standard of beautification we can all be proud to call Santa Ana home. Yes, I know under grounding utility lines are expensive, but if your going to do a project nice do it right and maintain the same standards the city had in the prior phases.
    These are just a couple of issue you can address, but there are so many more that you can champion. Art Stay positive. Be the better man. Use your blog as an agent of change. Or ignore my advice like you always did in the pass, when you were a major Republican and The Usual Suspect used you to attack me and my supporters.

    Finally Art, you are a man that is running away from GOD and has lot anger build up inside of you. Take my advice and surrender your life back to Christ. I know you believed in him. Remember Christ would never leave you or forsake you. Your current personality has mad a lot people hate you and this hatred will spill over to your wife and children. Trust me your family should not be the victims of your enemies.


    Ted Moreno

    1. Thank you Ted for taking the time to comment here and for doing it with your name. I know that can’t be an easy thing for you to do.

      You know I rely on others a lot for info about what went on in town back in the day. I don’t always get that right, but I do try and I appreciate your correcting the record. Our mutual friend Sean Mill told me about the law regarding hanging clothing to dry. I guess he was wrong or perhaps I misinterpreted what he told me.

      That said, it should be noted that Mayor Pulido has distanced himself from the Usual Suspects, who now support Benavides. I am told that you are supporting him as well. Is that true?

      It should also be noted that today the Usual Suspects have learned to recruit people of color. But they are still advancing the same racist ideas that have kept our people down for so long.

      Now you are accusing me of spreading false information about individuals but, like the Usual Suspects, you did not provide any specific instances of this. Do you know why? Because it simply is not true. Sometimes my readers write comments that I end up being blamed for and that really is unfair to me, wouldn’t you agree?

      I don’t know anything about the development you referenced. Again we have a mutual friend in Sean Mill, who happens to serve on the Planning Commission. I suggest you take this up with him.

      I also don’t know anything about the Bristol issue you referenced. It sounds like the project has run short on funds and they are doing the best they can with what funding they have left. I have no problem with that to be honest with you.

      The pension crisis is real but it was exacerbated by the Republicans who joined the Democrats, your party, in supporting early retirement for public safety employees, the 3% at 50 rule. This was also supported by Lou Correa. I have always opposed it and oppose this now.

      I do use this blog to distribute positive information. Have you clicked on any of those posts? I doubt it. There is the rub. You complain about negativity, which is simply me exercising my right to an opinion, but you really have no interest in positive news. Believe me I track very closely what my readers are reading. The political content is the drive here but I still take major time to put up all sorts of articles about non profits, events, etc. You guys just don’t read those posts.

      Why just today I put up a post challenging the Friends of the Zoo and the Discovery Science Center for having non-diverse Boards of Directors. Are you telling me you are OK with those organizations leaving Latinos out?

      Finally I take major umbrage with your last statement. I realize that you and many of your supporters believe that your version of God is the only one and for some reason you believe that God has a political agenda. He does not. Jesus made it very clear that he was here to build a kingdom of heaven, not of earth. He bid us to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and that was about the extent of his political commentary. It is WRONG to use the Bible to advance a political agenda, period.

      I have accepted Jesus as my savior but understand that my Jesus is against racism and abusing the poor. Those are values I hold very dear. I will not support politicians who feel otherwise. Sadly the Usual Suspects are all about being racists and abusing the poor. Why do you think I spend so much time trying to counter their agenda?

      You are right. There are many people who hate me, on the left and the right. But there are also many people who appreciate what I am trying to do. Someone has to stand for those who cannot do so for themselves. The great majority of Santa Ana’s residents are decent people who just want to survive and raise their kids. They are the future of Santa Ana, not the Usual Suspects.

      BTW, your stance on garage sales is ridiculous. Four sales a year is just not enough. One a month would be preferable. No one is asking to do these every day. And if they did ask for that I would reject it. And for the record these are items we already paid sales taxes on so don’t go there. Many people in our city are hurting financially. I realize you don’t see that in your expensive neighborhood. They would benefit from being able to shop at garage sales more often. And from being able to sell their items as well. Santa Ana is not just about the well to do in the northern part of our city. It is a complex big city and we need to look out for everyone, not just the wealthy.

      1. Art,

        First I am not supporting David for the Mayor race nor have I seen or talked to him since he came knocking on door when he ran for council. My wife and I laid hands on him and prayed for GOD’s protection on his life and that if he was elected my he always remember that GOD raises King and brings them down. For him to remember GOD will in life and that his political decisions my line up with GOD will. That was the last time I talked to David. Who I vote for Mayor in this election I have not decided, but I do know I will not be voting for Migilito Pulido. Miguel has never been a strong leader. Which is sad because he been in office since 1986, you think he would have learned to lead by now.

        Art you sound like your a very strong supporters for the Latinos community know. However, I still remember you bashing me for supporting Latinos to the council. I just so not know which Art to trust, the Republican Anti-Latino of yesteryear or the Democrat Pro-Latino of today. Only time will prove who the real Art will be. I praying you turn out to be the JESUS FREAK Art. You have a lot of talent GOD can use if you let him.

        Yes Art, you are right; JESUS did not come to take any political side. However, you are wrong in that in the last day he will set up his 1000 year reign on earth after the war of Armageddon and lock the devil up in hell for during that time. But as believers in Christ we are to be the light of the world until he comes. Leading mans kind to the saving knowledge of Crucified Christ. GOD and JESUS are one. GOD also said I am the same yesterday, today and forever. Knowing this statement to be true, GOD does not change we do. Mankind always tries to find new way to reach GOD. And I have heard it said many time, “There is an infinite number roads that will lead you to GOD”. This statement is true! However, there is only that will keep you from eternal separation from GOD, and that is through JESUS. Because the bible says, “Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that JESUS Christ is LORD, to the honor and glory of GOD the Father”. So yes Art, one day your knees, the Devil and all of mankind will bow before JESUS. So you can either do it in this world while you still have breath in your lungs or in the after life. But by that time it will be to late. So if you real want to be a follower of JESUS you have to believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that JESUS Christ is GOD and you will be saved. And as followers you want to please GOD by following his commandments, which says, “Thou shall not kill”, even babies that are still in their mother’s womb. While it my be a hard chose for a women that was raped to keep the unborn child, GOD never told us it would be easy to follow him laws. All he has ever asked from his children is the worship him and obey him. Art our job as believers is to remind the world one person at a time to repent of their wicked ways and turn to JESUS for their salvation. It is that simple, but mankind is prideful and do not want to be submissive to GOD and follow Christ. I see that you love to call Christian gay-basher. You have to understand that it the responsibly of all believers Christ, even you, to inform someone that is living a gay lifestyle that they are living in sin. I know that some Christian harsh when it comes to expressing the love of Christ on this issue. However, the bottom line is homosexuality is a sin Art. No matter how many times society wants to say it is an acceptable life style, GOD has not change. As I stated earlier, GOD is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I it is very clear in the Bible, unless a person changes of their wicked way they will not inherit the kingdom of GOD. That goes for all sins. Well Art it is late and I know you will not like this response, but I just wanted to tell you that GOD loves you and so to I. I do not hold and grudge towards you how you behaved to me in the past. You thought you were doing the right thing by following The Usual Suspects. You are in my prayers. Just remember Art, when you curse believes in Christ you are bringing curses upon yourself. Because the promises GOD made for Abraham is “I will curse those who curse you and I will bless those that bless you”. Christian are descendants of Abraham through JESUS. In Romans 11:19, it says we have been grafted in into the seed of Abraham. So just be carful when it comes to bashing Christian.

        Sorry if I did not address all your issues, but it is late and I have to get to bed.

        GOD BLESS YOU in JESUS Name,

        Ted Moreno

        1. I have learned a lot in the past twenty years. I did change my mind about a lot of things and not only quit the GOP but became a thorn in their side.

          I also used to hold views similar to yours. But it is easy for men to say their pro life. They don’t have to pay the price when their irresponsibility creates unplanned children. Women pay that price and that is why the choice should be theirs and theirs alone.

          We do not question God when he creates children who are physically or mentally different. Yet some believers question whether he makes some people gay. Well, he does. It is a myth that people choose to be gay. That is who God made them to be. Jesus asked us not to judge our fellow man. He meant that.

          Even the devil used the scriptures for his own means. Anyone can do so, but it is wrong. Jesus came here in peace and bid us to love one another and to protect the poor, the children and the unfortunate. Politicians who use the scriptures to attack others are not advancing the kingdom of God.

          I will continue to stand firm against those who oppress minorities, whether the afflicted are immigrants, gays or anyone else.

          You should call Benavides. From what I understand he is running for Mayor while his personal life is in disarray. You more than anyone else can remind him of the danger of putting politics ahead of family.

  7. Do Santa Ana a favor Moreno, keep Christ out of local politics. The Righteous convert by good example, not political coercion. New Santa Ana is politically secular and all the better for it.

  8. Why don’t you just blame the entire issue on Downtown Inc. That would just make sense in your eyes, editor. Ha, ha! I enjoy living in the wealthy neighborhoods to the North of the City, it’s a short drive home from the yummy restaurants like The Playground and soon, Little Sparrow.

    1. The Playground and Little Sparrow still need to be get through the Planning Commission. That Commission is looking closely now at the Playground’s health violations.

  9. Your still a good friend to the r/c world ..good luck homie
    And if you win r/c will be back in Santa Ana …..

  10. I didn’t know that Benavides is a good friend to the R/C (remote control toy) community? We should have a rally at Centinial Park and have our airplanes banners that say,
    Vote For David!

    Question Art,
    Is it possible that Hart endorsed both Benavides and Republican George Collins for Mayor? I bet George would loan him some table and chairs and throw in free video recording of ribbon cutting of the opening of the office for FREE!

  11. Art, Why don’t you invite Mr. Moreno to blog on a regular basis for New Santa Ana? I enjoy his fresh perspective on Santa Ana politics and he has the knowledge of Santa Ana that would make his insights good reading. Just a thought.

  12. I too would love to hear more from Ted on issues facing our city. He’s one of the few people who have nothing to gain and can give his opinion without the normal political biases.

  13. Edgar Allen Poe dies and goes to heaven.

    There he meets St. Peter, who asks him, “What is your name, and what were you in your past life?”

    He anwers, “I’m Edgar Allen Poe, and I am a poet.”

    At the same time, rapper Tupac Shakur, is shot dead and arrives in heaven.

    St. Paul asks him, “What is your name, and what were you in your past life”?

    Burns says, “I be TUPAC, and I am the baddest Rapper”

    St. Peter then says, “Well, we only have room for one poet in heaven, so we will have a contest. Whoever can write a better poem gets in! The topic will be Timbuktu, and you will both have one hour to complete the poems.”
    So after one hour, they come back, and Poe goes first: “As I walk across the golden sands, as I walk across the golden land, a great big ship comes in to view, its destination Timbuktu.”

    St. Peter says, “Okay, now we will hear Tupac’s poem.”

    Tupac says, “As Tim and I a walking went, we saw three bitches by a tent, them were three and we were two, I bucked one and Tim bucked two!”

    CLEARLY the path to heaven is note cast in stone. I can appreciate Ted moreno’s new found faith. But, what if I were Muslim Ted, what happens to me?

  14. OMG. What the hell is disgraced councilman Ted Moreno rambling about? Tudor and Colonial homes in Santa Ana? Not in my part of town and my family has lived here for 62 years. Maybe north of 17th you’ll find some.

    Moreno was a councilman didn’t he learn about project funding? The Bristol Widening has been going on for 20 years albeit in phases as it receives funding. He should know better and have some patience (it’s a virtue). The Bristol Widening is coming a long just fine and will be beautiful when it is completed.

    Moreno, please stop pontificating or I will rebuke you.

  15. I found Jesus!

    He was behind the couch!

    Next thing you know, we’ll be listening to Rob Richardson, who wanted to limit support of kids at St. Joseph in the nineties, until the old man and later , Fr. Smith kicked his ass.

    Leave the religion for the other blog.

  16. “I am opening up a temporary office in the Floral Park Promenade for a couple of months and I need some folding chairs and tables. I would love to find about 10 rectangle tables and 75 chairs. If you have any tables and chairs that I could borrow until mid-November, could you please let me know? I will stop by and pick them up from you at your convenience.

    Also if you have any other office stuff, let me know. We could use everything. ”

    I drove by this place and it’s the Republican Jerry Haydon for Congress Campaign headquarters. He’s the Laguna Beach man running against Lorretta Sanchez right? How can you run for Congress and not have tables and chairs and why would David Benavides, join Haydon at this headquarters location? I can’t keep track of all this. Are Benavides supporters also helping Haydon? Hard to believe.
    Please shed some light on this Art.

  17. As the fashion editor at “What Not To Wear”, I would like to give Ms. Valerie Amezcua some fashion advice.

    Stop shopping at “Factory 2 U” and “Fallas Paredes”. Your look is not becoming of a future school board member.

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