Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Well, you had to know this was coming.  Santa Ana Mayoral challenger David Benavides got slammed in the mail today for honoring Lupe Moreno and her fellow Minutemen in 2010.

The mailer quotes Benavides’ colleagues, who at the time left the Council Chambers rather than join with Benavides as he passed out award certificates to Moreno and her Minutement, after they took over the 2010 Santa Ana 4th of July event.  One of Moreno’s Minutemen called Santa Ana residents “wetbacks” at that event and was caught on video.

Lupe Moreno

Mayor Miguel Pulido is quoted in the mailer.  Pulido said that “Santa Ana is a community of immigrants from many different countries and cultures.  Our city and its residents have always celebrated our diversity.  There is no place for racism in Santa Ana.

Council Member Vince Sarmiento was also quoted in the mailer.  He said that “What we do here is a reflection of the entire council.  Sometimes people are hate-filled, they are intolerant, they are hostile.”

And Council Member Sal Tinajero was also quoted.  He said that he “wanted nothing to do with Benavides’ action.”

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2 thoughts on “Benavides hit in the mail for honoring the Minutemen”
  1. Clearly Mayor Pulido is not stooping to the level of Dr. Art Lomeli in bringing the kid’s into his thing.

    As everyone here knows Lomeli has asked Adam Elmark of the Voice Of OC to research and report Pulido and his wife to Child Protective Services.

    You can find the link here:

    What does canidate Benavide’s have to say about this request. Where does he stand? Does he disagree with Dr. Lomeli, is he willing to return Lomeli’s contributions’s.

    Dr. Lomeli a dentist specializing in medi-cal patients, who are subsidized by taxpayers, along with Dan Chmilewinski, a blogger who works out of his wife’s garage in an Irvine gated community, have attacked others for involving family members of canidates.

    Yet, the link shows Art Lomeli, a resident of Orange asking the suppossed nuetral VOC author to report the sitting mayor.

    What does Mr. Benavide’s have to say?

    Maybe we can get Adam to ask him?

  2. henrygattis (carpetbagger), are you referring to this:

    “I believe that in a rape claim involving a minor the case by law needs to be referred to child protective services .Have you checked into this? What were their findings?”

    Dr Lomeli is asking for Adam to look into what was already reported, not to make a report himself. Unless I missed something there.

    Again, it seems as if you are misrepresenting the facts and attempting to build a story on a shaky or non-existent foundation.

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